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Released: 2014-11-06
Life of Crime
Life of Crime
Released: 2014-08-29
The Green Inferno
The Green Inferno
Released: 2014-09-05
Final Sale
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Director(s): Andrew C. Erin
Release Date: 23 January 2011
Movie rating: 5.4
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What is the movie Final Sale about?
A former researcher, woman of 30 years old, Ally is having severe kidney disease. In order to save her life she undergoes illegal kidney transplantation as the official donor list was not made in time. The donor of the kidney, young girl dies during the operation. Ally decides to stop this abominable activity; however compunction doesn’t leave her since she was saved by it. Her husband works as the LAPD Detective, so she approaches him with the request to help her to knock down the whole black market donation criminal system. However, her husband is not very willing to take up this case, so Ally needs to be persistent on her way chosen…
Final Sale Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Final Sale HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Final SaleFinal SaleFinal SaleFinal SaleFinal SaleFinal SaleFinal SaleFinal SaleFinal SaleFinal Sale
Gina @ 27-Jun-2014 22:10 Report a spam

One of the stupidest movies i have ever seen in my life. I don't know who made up all this crap, but i am sure that this person is not friends with his own or her own brain. And from the other side i cannot get who could give money for creating this movie?! Umm, i agree with the previous comment and can add that even the trailer is not very tempting, so i think even while watching the trailer every person will get the idea about the entire movie.

Hallie @ 27-Jun-2014 21:28 Report a spam

I think the only thing that is at least somehow worthy in this movie is the handsome detective who was solving the case, mmm yummy. I remember him performing in the TV show "Charmed" where he also performed the role of a detective who fall in love with the beautiful witch Page. I remember i was watching that show for a long time, but it became especially fun for me watching it after i saw him in it. The other heroes were not good at all. The story in the plot is easy, and i have seen it in many other movies, the only difference is that in a variety of other movies it is better and easier watching them as they have quality and better acting staff, while this movie sucks. People DO NOT waste your time on it, i am sure there are some other things to do at home.

Savannah @ 25-Jun-2014 11:25 Report a spam

This is one of the awfulest movies i have ever seen i hate the movies that have in their basis a religious tematics, as it is not fair, there are things in the world that should not be discussed, such things as politics, economics, parents and religion. So i hate when someone tries showing people who are supposed to lead a "saint" kind of lifestyle are shown from the bad side, i believe that it can make some people who are not very strong in their religion turning their back upon God and religion. I am sorry about that. I believe this movie is not worthy being watched as there is no deep meaning in it, or even a not very deep one. The performance of the main actors is also not that good, in general while watching the movie i get the idea that the budget is very low and the movie producers have done everything they could in order to make at least something of it.

Anna @ 15-Jun-2014 21:53 Report a spam

“Final Sale” shows the deep inner struggle of a woman whose life was saved at the expense of other’s life. It is a powerful film that depicts the dilemma of the woman of being grateful for being saved and her desire for justice and punishment of those guilty ones including her husband. Te film reveals very deep topics and painful personality analysis. If you like the movies that make you think after you have watch them for a week or two, then this is definitely your choice!

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