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Released: 2014-07-11
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Released: 2014-12-16
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Free Ride
Genre: Action / Drama / Thriller
Director(s): Shana Betz
Release Date: 10 January 2014
Movie rating: 5.6
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What is the movie Free Ride about?
“Free Ride” is a recent American movie produced by and starring Anna Paquin. It is a crime drama film based on the story of Shana Betz, the movie’s director. It is the story of Shana’s unhappy childhood in Fort Lauderdale. Premiered at Hamptons International Film Festival in 2013 the movie was received positively. “Free Ride” is set in the late 1970s and centers on a single mother who’s been in a very unhappy marriage for some years. Her partner is rude and abusive and she intends to leave him. When she leaves him, she also takes her two daughters with her. Teenaged MJ and seven-year-old Shell have to leave their past behind them and begin a completely new life. Christina decides to move to Florida because she has a friend who supposedly will help her find a new job. When she arrives to Florida she meets up with Sandy (the aforementioned friend) and he does get het a job, but not the one she expected – a job in drug smuggling. But Christina doesn’t have any other option, seeing as she has to provide for her family. She grabs that opportunity and deals with all the hazards and challenges of her new occupation.
Free Ride Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Free Ride HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
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Lidia @ 27-Jun-2014 22:14 Report a spam

If being short on the subject, i can say that neither i, nor two of my friends ( of different gender by the way) we didn't like the movie at all, in fact i can say that it is a very bad one from all the possible points of view. First of all the plot is boring. Second of all the actors were playing like those are the first roles in their life and they have no idea what to do and what to say, i kept having the feeling that they were turned back while seeking for appreciation from the movie director. Booring!!!!! And third of all ghe decorations were not very successful either, which lead me to the thought that the movie is not something really worthy once again. Enjoy the movie guys ( sarcastic smirk) !!

Nickie @ 27-Jun-2014 21:32 Report a spam

Well i guess i should start with saying that there is nothing free in our life, even the mouse who thinks that the cheese is for free usually pays with her own life for trying to catch it, though her only intention was to eat. This story shows once again that everything we have in this life we should pay for, and there is no other way to live. I didn't like the movie and i think there could be done more things in order to make it interesting for the viewer. Even though. I read that it is even based on the truth events lived by the movie producer in childhood. The main character who was performed by Anna Paquin didn't succeed to bring the message of this movie to its viewers, and i am very sorry about that. This movie had all the chances to become a sort of example for addicted people or even young children, of what things they should not do in order to keep their life normal, and not fall into all kind of life trapps.

Maya @ 25-Jun-2014 11:33 Report a spam

In this movie i saw a real drama. It is about a young drug addicted mother, who was living in the beginning of seventies. She took two of her children (daughters) and decided to move to Florida, as she really hoped that she will find her happiness in there, but on the new place her only chance to earn some money was selling drugs, to the other people who are same addicted as she is. The main drama is that she understands she is doing the wrong thing, but at the same time she is not able to do anything in order to change the situation, as she doesn't have anything else to do beside selling drugs. Her all life is a disaster, and if she will not do it she won't have money in order to pay the rent and feed her daughters. For her it was very difficult to follow this step, as she felt miserable while consuming drugs, and wished she never done that, so seeing young people making same mistake she has done a long time ago was truly difficult for her. I really felt sorry for her, and almost felt how i was at her place.

Elizabeth @ 23-May-2014 15:34 Report a spam

The film is content to merely document certain happenings and hope you find them as interesting as it does.

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