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Full Metal Jacket
Genre: Action / Drama / War
Director(s): Stanley Kubrick
Release Date: 01 January 1987
Movie rating: 8.3
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What is the movie Full Metal Jacket about?
“Full Metal Jacket” is a 1987 movie directed, produced and co-written by Stanley Kubrick. The story follows a platoon of American Marines as they go through their training, and their subsequent participation in the Vietnam War. The film is roughly divided into two parts – the first one happens in the boot camp, and the second unfolds in the Vietnamese jungles. A group of Marine recruits is sent to Parris Island to receive their military training, where they are assigned to Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, a strict disciplinarian who uses harsh punishment to prepare the recruits for combat. Some recruits don’t take well to Hartman’s methods, and they begin to crack under his constant abuse, which inevitably leads to tragedy. In the second part one of the former Marine recruits, James T. “Joker” Davis (Matthew Modine) is in Vietnam as an Army journalist. Deep in the jungle he finds himself in a world of trouble when the unit he is assigned to is attacked by the Vietnamese forces. Carnage ensues, and Joker Davis has to come to terms with the horrors of war, of human evil, and his own meekness in the face of struggle. Even though it is not held in such high regard as some other films by Kubrick, it is still considered one of the best war movies ever made and a cinema classic.
Full Metal Jacket Cast
Full Metal Jacket Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Full Metal Jacket HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Full Metal JacketFull Metal JacketFull Metal JacketFull Metal JacketFull Metal JacketFull Metal JacketFull Metal JacketFull Metal JacketFull Metal JacketFull Metal Jacket
Josh @ 11-Aug-2014 10:30 Report a spam

I think its the best Vietnam war film of all time, and right behind
"Come and See" and "The Thin Red Line" on the list of best war films
ever. Yes, like every Kubrick picture the design and composition are
perfect (2nd half NEVER looks like it was shot on stage. It looks like
it would if Kubrick and crew were filming live in Tet). But I keep
coming back for the humor, which is undeniable but also gives me the
feeling that I'm delightfully choking on crude oil. I also think Modine
is vastly underrated in the film.

Campbell @ 02-Aug-2014 03:52 Report a spam

I think it is a bit weird writing a review upon a movie created by Kubrick, this is the film director that doesn’t need any appreciation. So the place of action are the American marines. A cruel sergeant, bad behavior towards the young boys who were recruited to the army, all of those things are shown very well in the movie. Their aim is to become good killers, but that seems to them like something so far away, that is why they do not take it seriously. Some of them were broken and the other ones were going further. and if the first part of it looks like tragicomedy than the second one is a strong military drama. Here they are guys who went to Vietnam war, it is a pity they didn’t understood their role properly. But for me it was pretty clear the thought that during all the movie it was felt the question who needs this war? It is awkward and no point, and it takes thousands of people’s lives! It was very tragic to watch this movie! I can only imagine how families of people who were in that war felt while watching this movie, especially if they lost someone dear in it!

Dennis @ 01-Aug-2014 21:51 Report a spam

I will get to the main point, it is my favorite movie! I watched it a few times, and each time i was worrying for the heroes like the first time! In this movie is shown the life of the US marines, starting from their studying times and finishing with the real battlefield! The most important difference from all the other movies about Vietnam is that there is no “John Wayne” kind of stuff in it! In order to become a real killing machine, the new people in the army should go through a lot of physical suffering and humiliation. And after their studying there are even more difficult test for them! - the fights in the cruel war, in which often there is a need to make the choice between debt and conscience. But no matter what i can say that this movie is not that dark, there are a lot of jokes and fun in it. As in other movies about the war in Vietnam the soundtrack to it is amazing! And the last thing, it is better to watch it being away from children, as there are a lot of cursing in the movie, and i am sure that this is not what your child needs.

Brett @ 31-Jul-2014 23:16 Report a spam

It is simply an amazing movie I have watched it already for five times probably and each time it was a real pleasure watching it! The atmosphere in it is shown very well, the atmosphere of those times, the laws in the military and the laws for a decent person! I think the actors have done their job very well, and that is why i liked this movie so much.
At the beginning the movie looked like a comedy, with a bit of sad context, but later it develops into a psychological drama which ends up with a lot of blood. I think that this movie shows very well the psychology of yankee, till the moment they are not in the middle of the battle everything is cool, and in the moment when the real war starts they become astonished! I suggest finding this movie in the best possible quality in order to be able to appreciate every single detail of it! It is a long movie, but at the same time it is a worthy one! The thing i also liked a lot was their spirit of team when they were singing songs! That is why i double recommend it!

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