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Geography Club
Genre: Comedy
Director(s): Gary Entin
Release Date: 05 February 2014
Movie rating: 6.6
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What is the movie Geography Club about?
Geography Club is based on a novel written by Brent Hartinger. It is a story of a 16 year old Russel Middlebrook who asks himself "What am I looking for?" as he heads off into an adventure. There are plenty of fun and interesting characters in this flick, Kevin is concealing something from his football teammates, Min and Terese claim they are really just good friends and Ike who can't figure out who he is and who he wants to become. Together they form the Geography Club in order to keep their secrets, it is a perfect plan since no one likes geography and thus no one else will join their club. Their secrets are safe, or so they think. Geography Club is a moving and funny movie about teenagers and the discovery of their sexual identities, dreams and values. Geography Club is a gorgeous movie, it is very entertaining and funny. It's one of those movies which can be seen in any decade and still be relevant since it deals with the problems everyone had to deal with during some part of their lives. those who enjoy Brent Harbinger's books must give this movie a go since they will not be disappointed, and those who haven't read it are encouraged to see the movie. It is written for young adults, but people of all ages will definitely find something worth their time in it.
Geography Club Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Geography Club HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
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Leo @ 29-Jul-2014 20:07 Report a spam

I think that the theme about the teenagers with a not traditional orientation and their situation in the modern society has been shown very well in this movie. There is no sharp condemnation in it, the hero who made a coming out is not being beaten on the backyard. But there is a loser in it which is being humiliated by cool guys from sport team, there are teenagers with a lot of hormones and sexual experience, and there is a society with their standards and cliche. As a result there is a main hero who has has to face a complex choice to lie everyone and himself, or to live honestly and not caring about the whispering behind his back, and due to certain circumstances this is exactly what he does. There are not that many jokes in the movie, but all of them thank God are not vulgar at all. And the best thing about it was the not predictable end, for me this is the best and most pleasant thing about any movie. It is a great movie, for everyone, and it will teach you some of the important issues!

Rita @ 29-Jul-2014 19:26 Report a spam

This is a movie about the problems of people who belong to the category of sexual minorities. Not a big accent is made upon the hate of teenagers, which shows that there really is a problem for gay and lesbians. People hate them and cause them a lot of problems, simply because they are different from them, they consider them losers. It was pleasant for me to watch this movie, and i didn’t even notice how the time has flied by, i think the movie producer has done a great job, as he touched such a important problem, but in a very delicate way!
I advise watching this movie to people who support gay and lesbian people in their problem, and to people who are neutral about it. The subject is easy, maybe a bit predictable in some moments, well with the exception of the last scenes (for me personally), and at the same time in this movie there is a great performance of actors and great film directing! This movie has changed my views upon this problem and my attitude towards those people, and i hope that it will be able to change someone else’s as well.

Cleo @ 29-Jul-2014 19:06 Report a spam

The main character of the movie is Russell Brook. The young man has some serious doubts regarding its sexual orientation, that is why he tries to understand himself. He has regular fears that people would get to know about him, make him emotionally tensed, and that is why he enters the “geography club” which in reality is a secret membership of gay and lesbian people of the high school, in this membership he finds new friends who help him making the right choice. I think this movie is a very good one for people with not traditional orientation, and for the rest of other people as well, as they will help them getting into this problem and accept that there are people who differ from them. The great performance of the actors shows how gay teenagers suffer in the moments of their coming out, and how they are afraid to become outsiders for their close people. I enjoyed this movie and recommend it to people who want to see something good with a serious point.

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