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Released: 2014-10-10
Yves Saint Laurent
Yves Saint Laurent
Released: 2014-06-25
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Hit List
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Director(s): Minh Collins
Release Date: 20 March 2014
Movie rating: 5.0
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What is the movie Hit List about?
Hit List is a romantic comedy about a woman who has anger management issues named Charlotte. Her therapist makes a suggestion that she should write a journal in order to keep her emotions in check. She is very unlucky in love and she goes online to find herself a boyfriend. She has many unsuccessful dates and suddenly she stumbles upon her soul mate Lyle. Everything goes perfect until the moment when Lyle finds Charlotte's journal and sets out to prove his love for her. Plot is pretty straightforward and there are some good gags which are bound to make people laugh. Action is pretty consistent and nicely depicts a world inhabited by oddballs. The humor isn't for everyone, there are bound to be people who won't understand the humor or just simply won't enjoy it. There are some serious scenes, but they are all glazed in a layer of comedy making them seem a bit silly some times. Both of the characters have some secrets, Charlotte has her diary and Lyle has his profession of a hitman and then there are the silly parents who are guaranteed to draw out some chuckles. The way Charlotte reacts to her annoyances is funny and sweet, she is definitely the star of this flick. If you like romantic comedies be sure to give this one a go.
Hit List Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Hit List HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Hit ListHit ListHit ListHit ListHit ListHit ListHit ListHit ListHit ListHit List
Leila @ 30-Jul-2014 00:13 Report a spam

In the description of the movie there is some special thing that make you think upon the fact why out of the sudden a completely different person is offering help, and his help is about killing people. The main hero who is being in a very bad and sad mood due to the bad things going on in his family, and at work, and considering that all of those things have happened to him the same day, is welcoming that offer of help, which already doesn’t look very real, but of course he accepts the offer of the stranger with great pleasure and writes him a list of people whom he doesn’t want to ever see or hear in his life. But in the moment when he wakes up, the next day from alcohol he starts appreciating the situation better, and it makes him panic, especially when he gets to know that earlier this night his boss has been killed. And after getting some courage, which he didn’t ever had earlier, he tries stopping the killer, and eventually he is not able to do it very well.

Natali @ 29-Jul-2014 23:30 Report a spam

I don’t know what to say about the movie, but i can say that i liked it a lot, that is why i will say a few words about it. One person (main hero) was so busy with work that he didn’t had time for family, and even at his job instead of him are being promoted other people, so one good day he comes back home and sees his wife cuddling with his best friend. After a big disappointment the main hero went to a bar where he starts drinking, and where he meets a stranger, who some time later tells him that he is a killer. So of course the main hero (Allan) thinks it was a joke, and he gives him a list of victims, and of course on the first place is his wife. So one day he wakes up, and realizes that the last person from his list, this way he starts looking for that killer, and during the movie he tries to stop his plan of killing another victim, but is always late. The only time he was able to stop him, was in the case of his wife, this way the movie has ended in a good way. Mmm i think it is a good enough movie for watching it in the evening time.

Rodney @ 29-Jul-2014 22:40 Report a spam

I can easily say with clear conscience that this is a very good movie, it is not a masterpiece of course, and by adding some action and changing some of the actors, of course the impression from it would be a much better one, but it is a very good action movie. I think that Allan was too soft and in my opinion he was supposed to look more masculine. I will not mention all the mistakes that were made in the movie, but about some of them i will not say anything. So Allan’s wife has decided to make hip jealous in order to save their marriage. And you cannot think about anything better than making up a love affair with another man, with her husband’s best friend. That was a bit pervert way of thinking about marriage. And how about the best friend?! What they were thinking about?! I am sure Allan didn’t feel that much relief after he found out the truth about his friend and his wife. I think that was very painful for both of them. There were a few not bad thoughts, like “I will press the gun button and this way will forward our life to the titles”.

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