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How to Train Your Dragon
Genre: Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Director(s): Dean DeBlois
Release Date: 18 March 2010
Movie rating: 8.1
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What is the movie How to Train Your Dragon about?
Guys and girls at Dreamworks Animation are known for high quality of their animation, sound and voice acting. Of course, their stories are always lovely to watch and they are fit for people of all the ages. Young and old can enjoy Dreamworks animated movies and How to Train Your Dragon is no different. The story revolves around a young Viking named Hiccup who lives on the island of Berk. He wants to join the older people of his town in fights against the dragons who raid them. His father is a village leader named Stoik the Vast and he doesn't want to let his young and clumsy sun join them in their fights against the dragons. Hiccup pays no regard to his father's wishes and goes into the battle in which he manages to down a Night Fury dragon but can't bring himself to kill it. He befriends the dragon and gives him a name Toothless. Their friendship helps Hiccup learn that his people have misjudged the dragons and he embarks on a journey in hope that he will manage to fight the destructive ignorance in his town. As with any Dreamworks movie, animation is top notch. It looks gorgeous, it is fluid and looks amazing. Nothing bad can be said about the animation and voice acting. The movie is sweet, interesting to watch and has a nice story. It is a perfect family movie, but anyone can enjoy everything which the movie offers.
How to Train Your Dragon Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any How to Train Your Dragon HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
How to Train Your DragonHow to Train Your DragonHow to Train Your DragonHow to Train Your DragonHow to Train Your DragonHow to Train Your DragonHow to Train Your DragonHow to Train Your DragonHow to Train Your DragonHow to Train Your Dragon
Lowell @ 26-Jul-2014 11:29 Report a spam

It is an amazing cartoon that i watched by accident in order to “kill” time, and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that i got a lot of pleasure and positive emotions from watching it! This movie would be highly marked by every person who loves cats, because the dragon about which is this cartoon mainly looks like a real huge cat! I really mean it, it is not a joke at all! He is suspicious and dangerous, playful and with his own character, but at the same time it is very cute! The subject of this cartoon is very positive and teaching, it makes you think that not everything you should solve by means of violence, but you need to be brave enough to understand your enemy, and this way you might realize that it is not an enemy at all. That is why i very recommend watching this cartoon with children! It is a very kind one, that doesn’t make you feel aggression , and at the same time there is a lot of humor in it, but not a stupid kind of humor as in the majority of other cartoons, but of a very good humor!

Annamária @ 26-Jul-2014 07:00 Report a spam

Today i want to tell you about one of my favorite cartoons ever “How to train your dragon”, only from the name of it it is easy to get what is it about. Of course it is about dragons. This movie is about life of the people who live on the Oluh island. I should say that all the names of the characters were reflecting very well their character. Due to a big variety of jokes it is very easy and a lot of fun to watch this cartoon. After watching it i even “borrowed” a few great phrases from it.
As about the subject i can say that it is simply perfect, everything was well considered till the tiny little things, each event had its own weight and all of them gathered together have made a wonderful mosaic. The main hero is a young man who is special and differ from the other people at the village. He was very talented, but i will not get too deep into the plot, i will only say that it is really great, and it teaches only good and kind things- this is exactly how a real cartoon should be.

Victoria @ 26-Jul-2014 00:03 Report a spam

This cartoon i have watched with my entire family, i cannot say that my son was interested by the subject and heroes ( i guess he is just too small for it, only three years old),but i can say that me and my husband both enjoyed it a lot. At the beginning it was not that interesting, but later we got captivated by the subject. And i agree, why killing some indefinite creatures if there are some other ways?!
The dragons were drawn very good. In this cartoon there is a lot of humor, and touching moments, what can it teach? Mmm friendship, being brave and humanity. The problem of parents and kids is also present. The end of the cartoon is very sad as the main dragon was killed. The price for the safe life of the population of vikings and the fact they went through the stereotype, and that they should kill dragons. Mmm i recommend this cartoon to children that are older than seven years old, and it is great watching it with parents. It is a big possibility that parents will enjoy it even more than their children.

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