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IMDb - Grave Encounters
Genre: Horror
Director(s): The Vicious Brothers
Release Date: 22 April 2011
Movie rating: 6.1
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What is the movie IMDb - Grave Encounters about?
Grave Encounters is a reality television show hunting for the ghosts. With Lance Preston at the head they are shooting their program episode inside the Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, abandoned long ago. This hospital is famous for the strange events occurring on its territory during many years. The creepy psychiatric hospital is rumored to comprise the phenomenon of the other world. They are ready to do everything for the sake of television! A group of people voluntarily agreed to be locked into the building of a psychiatric hospital and start the investigation of the paranormal phenomena shooting this on camera. Very soon they realize that the building leads its own life and won’t let anyone out alive… the group of scared volunteers is lost in the endless labyrinth-halls of the hospital, where they are terrorized by the ghosts of the used-to-be patients. Soon, the members of the group start losing reason their with nightmare happenings … doubting their common sense, they are getting deeper and deeper into the gulf of insanity of the hospital, even not suspecting that this is their last episode…
IMDb - Grave Encounters Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any IMDb - Grave Encounters HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
IMDb - Grave EncountersIMDb - Grave EncountersIMDb - Grave EncountersIMDb - Grave EncountersIMDb - Grave EncountersIMDb - Grave EncountersIMDb - Grave EncountersIMDb - Grave EncountersIMDb - Grave EncountersIMDb - Grave Encounters
Paolo @ 02-Aug-2014 11:28 Report a spam

This movie is filmed as a documentary one, and all the events in it are clearly seen through the cameras. A group of young people who were filming a show about paranormal activity, wanted to be closed during the entire night till six am in a hospital for people with mental diseases, there people say that they have seen ghosts. But guys do not believe in their existence, that is why for the sake of their show and ratings they had to do various things and make it look like the ghosts did them, But… Sometime passes and the ghosts are giving a letter of short notice. It is the dinner time, but in the hospital it is very dark, like in the night time, and no one comes to open the door. The food disappeared the next day, and the hospital has become a labyrinth with no way out. So there is only one question, whether guys will find a way out, and anyone will get to be saved. I cannot rate this movie well, because there are too many stupid moments in the movie, when a guy is chasing a ghost with the words that he will come and cut him pieces. But in general the view was capturing, i watched it in the night time, with lots of light in the room.

Kaarle @ 02-Aug-2014 02:07 Report a spam

This movie is not new at all according to its plot! A group of brave people, who are filming a show about paranormal activity have decided to spend the night in a close hospital for the psycho people, in which there are a lot of weird things going on. All the actions of the heroes were filmed on the cameras which were found in that hospital, probably when they started looking for their friends. This movie has a lot of details that are needed for a good horror movie, the group of dying people that are armed and the building that is haunted by the spirits of the psycho people from which there is no way out. The first half of the movie was boring and i almost fall asleep, but later it became more and more captivating! I think in each movie of this genre at some point the heroes get the fix idea “Guys how about splitting up?, and this movie doesn’t become an exception from this rule. I didn’t really understood the end of it. And the other thing i didn’t like is that there were no scary moments in it. It is a good movie for watching it once.

Patrick @ 08-Jun-2014 19:18 Report a spam

I am a great lover of horror movies and watch the on weekly basis, frankly speaking I have grown tired of all the latest horror movies and new trends. Yawn. The 'cringe' factor that is so spread these days is not an entertainment at all. Who wants to spend money on a movie you can't bare to watch?
Having really low expectations, I decided to give “Grave Encounters” a go. I didn’t anticipate the movie will be really scary, so I decided to watch it myself. As the film was progressing I found myself locking the doors, trembling, turning the light on and so on.))) The movie made me looking over my shoulder hours after watching it. Unfamiliar actors surprisingly gripped tense and very realistic emotions…a very believable performance! Give it a go and go on…

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