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The Human Race
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In Bruges
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller
Director(s): Martin McDonagh
Release Date: 01 January 2008
Movie rating: 7.9
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What is the movie In Bruges about?
This dark action comedy written and directed by Martin McDonagh pairs Hollywood heartthrob Colin Farrell with Irish character actor Brendan Gleeson as two assassins in hiding. Farrell plays the role of Ray, a young hitman who accidentally kills a boy on one of his assignments. Ray and his veteran partner Ken (Gleeson) are sent to the Belgian city of Bruges by their boss Harry Waters (Ralph Fiennes). They are to stay there for an indefinite period of time until ordered otherwise. Elderly Ken is delighted with the quaint city, while Ray is bored and restless. Ray meets a young woman named Chloe (Clemence Poesy) by happenchance, and they start a relationship. On a date in a restaurant Ray gets into a fight with a couple sitting at one of the tables. Meanwhile, Ken finally receives the long awaited call from Harry, who orders him to kill Ray, since he believes that killing a child is unforgivable under any circumstances. Ken finds Ray in a park just as he is about to shoot himself, but instead of letting him go through with his suicide he intervenes and tells him all about Harry’s orders. On Ken’s advice, Ray boards a train out of Bruges, but he is soon arrested for attacking the couple in the restaurant and brought back to the city. Then, when Ken calls Harry to inform him that he has disobeyed his orders, Harry urgently travels to Bruges, after which all hell breaks loose. Chloe bails Ray out of jail, but with Harry in Bruges and breathing down his neck his hopes of surviving are little to none.
In Bruges Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any In Bruges HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
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Dennis Wicklund @ 04-Aug-2014 12:11 Report a spam

It is in my nature that I enjoy dark movies, because the emotional reaction is greater for me than that of "happier" movies, for lack of a better word. “Slumdog Millionaire”, however, makes a powerful case for "happy" movies. Slumdog Millionaire is a wholly life-fulfilling epic about destiny and love that is expertly directed and colorfully shot. And when the film cuts rapidly in a hazy stop-motion-like effect, and the color from the streets reflects on our fated protagonists, and the music kicks in overwhelmingly, its hard not to leave with a smile on your face- and tears in your eyes.

Dana @ 31-Jul-2014 11:33 Report a spam

First of all i would like to mention that this movie has a specific sense of humor, the jokes in it is are vulgar and primary that is why it is up to you the decision whether to watch it or not. Also i would like to add that it is not for people who most of all appreciate action movies, the story is retold in a easy way, and a big part of the time in the movie is used in order to show the beauty of the Bruges city, and on the dialogues of the main characters about life. But no matter all of those things this movie is not boring at all, in some unique way of its own it is a charming one! And it was impossible to stop watching it, every single detail in it, even a small one has its own role, and each thought has a logical ending! There is no”accident” phrase. It is a terrific story and great movie that you will feel the desire to watch again and again in different periods of your life.

Alfredo @ 31-Jul-2014 07:23 Report a spam

At the beginning of the movie i thought that it would be boring and long, what can be interesting about a few people who got stuck in a small Bruges city, but that was a very wrong assumption and i understood that very soon! Well maybe if there was an old killer in the movie, he would have done everything fast and not very interesting, but there was a young one, and due to this fact he was not able to sit at the same place for too long. And later all the most interesting events start to happen.
The moments of fun in the movie are being followed with dark thoughts about the sense of life and the reasons of this or those events. Also there is a romantic line present in the movie. Most of all i kept in mind the short person with original thoughts about life and world itself. He was also enjoying some joyful moments due to drugs, and his attraction towards women. Well in general i can say that there is nothing interesting about the movie. There is too much sadness revealed, and after watching it, there is a heavy feeling!

Gerd @ 30-Jul-2014 21:35 Report a spam

When i first started watching this movie my first thought was: “it is something made for me, i don’t want to lose even a moment from this movie”. That was exactly till the moment when i found out the story of both “tourists”. And since that moment when Ray kills the priest and the boy, this movie has lost all of its charm in my eyes. I cannot explain why, but, i will mention a few good things about it. The actors who performed in it did great, it is almost same crew as in “Harry Potter”. All of the faces are well known and beloved. Except Colin Farrell, I don’t really like him although he has performed very well in it as well. A sort of a silly guy who was ordered to do something important and he didn’t do well, and later the Irish man who was bored in Bruges, as well as the killer who realized what he has done. Bruges is a wonderful and terrible city at the same time. But this city is perfect for this movie due to its dark atmosphere. I wouldn't say that the subject is hard to predict, but you always hope for something better.

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