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Genre: Action / Adventure
Director(s): Jonathan English
Release Date: 04 March 2011
Movie rating: 6.1
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What is the movie Ironclad about?
We are still in peculiar carried away with medieval battles when many things were solved with the help of fire and sword. Many battles of that time thus far excite the minds of the world’s historians. This is another movie about the middle ages. The events unfold around the defense of the Rochester Castle in a remote 1215 year. The laws of the kings were undisputable, even if they themselves wanted to change their mind; it was an uneasy task to take the decree back. And here King John, being under pressure, signs Magna Carta that reduced the power of monarchy and made all Englishmen equal. He was very disappointed to do so, but had no other choice at that time. Some time has passed and he decided to abolish his law, but it was possible to achieve by means of a sword only. The whole union is created against him. The Monarch collects an army that consists mostly of mercenaries, and heads it to those who are against submitting to their king. On the way to London is standing a special strategic place – Rochester Castle. King John needs to take the castle by any means. He even doesn’t suspect that there are warriors in there, who are ready to rebuff his army; among them presents a ruthless warrior, Knight Templar. The viewer will see the brevity, art, fortitude and for sure, love. Will the castle withstand the assault of the enemy with the despised monarch at its head?
Ironclad Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Ironclad HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Tracy @ 12-Jul-2014 23:02 Report a spam

Mmm, first of all i would like to say that the main minus of this movie is that it has a too long duration, and i am sure the creators of it could have made it not that long and this way it would have been easier for me to watch it, and more interesting. Maybe in this movie is not a very tough performance and there is only a shadow on important qualities, but i can easily say that i watched it with great pleasure, and i am sure that the medieval era was not that dark and bloody as it is being showed and the qualities of people are different from the qualities of modern “free” person. My wife said that the most pleasant things for her in this movie were the decorations and clothes of the main heroes, as about everything else it is too simple and was made by a “fresh” person in this business for sure. So here are two different points of view in one! Enjoy :)

Junior @ 12-Jul-2014 22:47 Report a spam

It is a great history movie even though it was a serious lack of budget.I wouldn’t call it an epical one, but during two hours i was watching with great pleasure performance of the actors with very real fights, as well as the development of the movie.
I like very much history movies, and about this one i haven’t heard a lot. Yes of course it has a lot of outstanding qualities in order to introduce it to my personal collection of great movies. I can say that it was filmed very good. And there are underlined some very important things in the movie- such as honor, courage and valiancy- these are the qualities that lately are being forgotten, though they should be followed by men during their entire life. Maybe there is only a shadow on those qualities in me, but i really reconsidered my own behavior and decided to become a better person.So i recomemend it to other person, finally a good movie about important things!

Fay @ 09-Jul-2014 01:06 Report a spam

The scenario is a very bad one! No, not like that! there is no scenario practically, there is a bunch of people who were defending themselves in a castle from an army. So there were only twenty people who successfully beaten the entire army of two thousand people. how could anyone being healthy think of something like that?! It doesn’t make any sense!? I was very much surprised with the “imagination” of the scenario writers! And of course only a few of those people have died which looked very pathetic! Personally i thought that this kind of subjects were forgotten a long time ago, but it is obvious to me that i was wrong about that! The actors sucked, and the main hero was the worst one of them, it was such a boring character that i had the desire to strangulate him! The only good thing about it, were the costumes of the characters and the decorations, well at least something was made with quality! Of course it is not Robin Hood by Ridley Scott, but still it is not that tough to watch it.

Seymour Szatmári @ 10-Jun-2014 16:48 Report a spam

The movie is watchable! If you're looking for some good action, blood and gore, you'll get what you paid for. If you're history buff though and easily offended about historical inaccuracies, you can avoid this one.

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