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Johnny English Reborn
Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Thriller
Director(s): Oliver Parker
Release Date: 21 October 2011
Movie rating: 6.3
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What is the movie Johnny English Reborn about?
As a penance for a previous disastrous mission, Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) is sent to Tibet to learn martial arts. Several years after, MI7 decides to bring their agent back from the remote region of Asia and as he is the best candidate for a new mission: to stop a group of mercenaries before they kill premier of China and start a global mayhem. Secret agent Johnny English is back when Great Britain needs its hero. Things get even complicated when Johnny English discovers a conspiracy in the nets of CIA, KGB and even MI7. A secret cabal of mercenaries, known as ‘Vortex’ is also involved in the conspiracy. Using latest gadgets and highly technological equipment, Johnny must expose the criminal elements and protect us all. This time Johnny English cannot fail this crucial mission, the future of the United Kingdom depends on.
Johnny English Reborn Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Johnny English Reborn HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Johnny English RebornJohnny English RebornJohnny English Reborn
Kiara @ 25-Jun-2014 11:08 Report a spam

I saw this movie in the cinema. I saw the first movie, that is why i was so happy to see it after eight years of silence. I enjoyed seeing the movie. It is interesting, captivating and is not vulgar at all. Rowan Atkinson was wonderful as usually. In this movies were a variety of episodes from which the entire cinema hall was laughing out loud. In this movie the story was very plausible, Johnny looks different, he has wrinkles and white hair but all of those things only add charm to him. I also liked Johnny’s partner in the movie, agent Tucker was also very funny, i was surprised to see Gillian Anderson, as i thought she is not performing anymore. I can easily say that this movie has a whole bunch of pluses, and to my great pleasure no minuses at all. I would highly recommend it to people who desperately need to laugh.

Anne @ 09-Jun-2014 21:42 Report a spam

I can say that there are very rare cases, than some comedy can make me laugh. But not in this case, as this is Rowan! Only by looking at his mimics i was able to cry till having tears. The scenes in Tibet were my favorite ones. Despite the general belief that sequels are usually worse than the first movie, i can say that the second movie is much better, it is much easier, and to my great shame, i laughed very hard on the episode with the old lady.
Also i liked the chasins, as it is very simple and funny, wasn’t that funny chasing a person in wheelchair? I would also like to add that this is exactly the kind of movie which is very nice seeing with all the family. It is a kind movie, which doesn’t have any violence. It is Rowan Atkinson, what else should i add? It is very pleasant to realize that humor can still be nobel. I can say that it is very easy to watch this movie, and very pleasant.

Monica @ 07-Jun-2014 03:00 Report a spam

I think we all got used with seeing Rowan Atkinson performing the role of Mr Bean- a very funny, simple and a bit silly character, that is why it was so difficult seeing him performing a serious role of an agent. The person who have seen the first part of the movie should certainly see the continuation of the movie. This movie is a mixture of genres, it has elements of action, adventures and comedy at the same time.
“He is not looking for easy ways”- that is the motto of the movie, while i would say that he is not that easy as he seems to be on the first sight of the movie. The movie is about Johnny English who got one more chance in order to prove everyone that he is able to do something, he haven’t done his mission properly, that is why his life went on the wrong path. I would advise this movie to everyone who enjoys not the first actors in the world, but seeing an interesting subject line.

Sam @ 03-Jun-2014 21:29 Report a spam

Just watched it again and again! A very Good movie! I had a really nice time watching it. Rowan Atkinson's performance was, as a rule , brilliant. All the other actors also performed great, and I have nothing against this funny, great comedy. Don't watch this film, if you do not wish to have a good laugh and simply enjoy your self!

Rule Kunze @ 03-Jun-2014 21:26 Report a spam

This is not the highest level of comedy, or even the highest level of effort from everyone involved, but at least they get out of the way and let the man work.

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