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Lie to Me
Director(s): Daniel Sackheim
Release Date: 20 January 2009
Movie rating: 8.0
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What is the movie Lie to Me about?
Lie to Me is one of the interesting TV series and it definitely has one of the best plots and story lines. It is very high rated and if you ask us, it is a cool fact that there have been only three seasons, from 2009 to 2011. Tim Roth plays Dr. Cal Lightman who is teaching people how to read body language and to be able to tell whether or not someone is lying. He is exploiting this in order to make some money and he is doing a very good job as well. Since he is very good at telling if someone is telling the truth, he often gets engaged in various police matters. He is even doing more than the police and that is when his talent reaches the top. When the police are helpless and when they have no idea what to do in order to solve a crime, the best solution for them is to call Dr. Lightman. After questioning a couple of suspects, it is more than easy for him to tell whether he is the murderer or not, for example. He is playing many mind games with the villains and that is why the police love him. Kelli Williams is Dr. Gillian Foster in the Lie to Me series, Brendan Hines plays Eli Loker and Monica Raymund is Ria Torres. The show has been directed by Samuel Baum.
Lie to Me Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Lie to Me HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Lie to MeLie to MeLie to MeLie to MeLie to MeLie to MeLie to MeLie to MeLie to MeLie to Me
Campbell @ 02-Aug-2014 04:08 Report a spam

I watched Lie to me since the first episode, and i can say that i enjoy very much watching the performance of the main heroes, and of course the subject line! In general i can say that the main idea of the show is very interesting and original, as there are no TV shows except this one that would be about pointing out lies of people. At least i seen none of this kind as far as for now, although i am the person who loves TV shows! Especially in the first episodes where it was explained how to divide truth from the lies on the examples of great politicians and stars of the cinema or show business. Everyone does typical mistakes when they lie, and practically all the people have same reaction when they are told that they lie. On their face for a second there is anger, and this is the emotion that is caught by heroes of Dr Lightman’s team. Also it was interesting to me the gestures that people use while lying. I recommend this movie to everyone, especially to women, this is a very serious gun that we can use against men’s lies.

Dennis @ 01-Aug-2014 22:05 Report a spam

I liked the fact that all of the episodes can be watched as a different movie, but i cannot stop myself from watching all of them, as i don’t want to miss even one thing about it! I am so happy for the fact that there are so many episodes in front of me, i am thrilled due to the fact that there is one more season of pleasure for me! That is why i recommend it! I was very sorry for the fact that this TV show was shot after the third season, i cannot understand how come there were low ratings in it?! The subject of it is very interesting itself! Some of the episodes are more captivating than the other ones! But still i enjoyed it, and there is not even one episode that i can call boring! The actors were perfect as well. Especially Kelly Williams! I cannot believe that the show was closed, how come!? there is a light hope in my heart that the producers of the show will realize the mistake they made, and will bring it back, otherwise my life is not that fun anymore!!!

Sam @ 31-Jul-2014 23:40 Report a spam

The TV show “Lie to me” i started watching with my husband not a long time ago, and i can say it became one of the favorite movies! Especially it is due to performance of Tim Roth in it, and simply due to the fact it is of a high quality! As soon as we saw the first episode of it, we realized that it is “our” show as the episode we watched being stick to the screen, everything in it was interesting the performance of the actors, and the plot itself!
The main idea of it is to investigate various cases and to find the person who is guilty of them. There were shown a lot of life’s difficult situations, and a group of talented people. The scientist Lightman (Roth) and his partner friend Gillian (Kelly Williams) and their person Ilay who kept saying the truth only, the gifted girl Rea Torres, who were analyzing the voice, mimics and gestures of people and by doing that they were proving whether the person is lying or saying the truth! And each episode consists of two parallel investigations, and at the same time it is shown the relationship of the main heroes, which helps realizing what kind of people they are!

James Gawley @ 25-Jul-2014 15:21 Report a spam

I found the show boring , the plot was not at all interesting and I did not like some of the actors.... Also the plot repeats it self after a few episodes...

Matthew Gilbert @ 25-Jul-2014 15:20 Report a spam

Lie to Me comes out of the box strong, and it's especially encouraging that the cases at hand and the science used in the first hour is compelling enough that Roth's character (based on Paul Ekman, a real-life expert on lying and microexpressions, among other things) can evolve more slowly.

Leo @ 19-Jul-2014 20:20 Report a spam

Interesting story plot that centralizes around a young couple who embrace open relationships, but when various troubles arises. The solidarity of their relationship is tested. Brandon Routh, Courtney Ford, and Steve Sandvoss stars. Worthy!

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