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Life's Blood
Genre: Short / Drama
Director(s): Karen Criswell
Release Date: 01 January 2009
Movie rating: 0.0
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What is the movie Life's Blood about?
Meet Luis Molina, a young urban artist who is dealing with his addiction to cocaine and doing his best to survive in the real world, fighting with a constant feeling of inadequacy. His struggles are real, his world is falling apart while he is desperately trying to hold onto it. He is drawing his internal world, his fights, he is turning them into words that come out of his pen as he desperately needs to share the visions that are always on his troubled mind. Tschetan Santana did a great job when it comes to getting into the very essence of the character, so he could show through his great acting skills how does a trouble- minded man reach for salvation and what makes him peaceful after all his hard choices. Knowing that he has a choice and that he could turn his world into a better place before it gets too late is what the main character's mindset is all about. Michael Horse was also starring in this short drama, as Joseph, and Alan Tafoya as Hector. Quite moving and in some way spiritual movie, it clearly represents what a true hope for better future means to a troubled person and how it leaves enough space even for a drug addict to fight with his own demons and the world around him. The movie was directed by Karen Criswell who also wrote a screenplay.
Life's Blood Cast
Life's Blood Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Life's Blood HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Life's BloodLife's BloodLife's BloodLife's BloodLife's BloodLife's BloodLife's BloodLife's BloodLife's BloodLife's Blood
Campbell @ 02-Aug-2014 03:59 Report a spam

It is a great movie for increasing the temperature of your body. And it is a fact that it is very difficult to sit on one place and do nothing while watching it. I was so curious to know how everything has ended, but i should say from the beginning that there is no need to expect something fantastic from it! This is the case when there are more emotions (positive or negative ones) you get from the movie itself, and not due to the way it ends. No matter how much time cursing this movie due to its low budgeting or bad performance of the actors, i can say that there certainly was one interesting thought about it. But probably due to the lack of financial resources they were not able to film the plot in a decent way, and the only sounds i could hear in it were the sounds of the cars and voices of the heroes of the movie. But the music which was supposed to finish the general feeling for the movie was absent in it. I instantly recommend you to not watch this movie, as it is not original, boring and has no sense.

Dennis @ 01-Aug-2014 21:59 Report a spam

Mmm i guess i should not be that critical about the movie, as it was not a bad idea to make this kind of a movie. There is a total lack of special effects in the movie. For a Hollywood blockbuster it is a total disaster, but not for this movie of course! When the technical and financial possibilities allow creating a qualitative visual view it is a good thing, but cheap applications will make the impression from the movie irritating one, this way the total absence of special effects in the movie was a huge plus. And one scene with the appearance of the “angel” was more than enough for the creators, that is why the decided not to make the situation worse.
The other good thing about the movie, was the performing crew, and i mean not because they are such great actresses ( that is something necessary for a good movie)- but because they have a pleasant physical appearance! Cheeky lesbians who are at the same time vampires, it is already more than enough for a good fantasy.

Brett @ 31-Jul-2014 23:32 Report a spam

This is a story of relationship between two in love friends who due to accident or fate become vampires! I think it is a parody for some sort of road movie, with light elements of women showing off in the most attractive parts of their essence! And i can say that according to the style the action in the movie really reminds a cult vampire movie “Near Dark” which is almost thirty years old already! There is everything in the movie that can “please” the real admirers of thash genre, it is a not ending action, from the beginning and till the end, it is drive and sudden twists of the subject, great performance of the camera, a variety of supporting characters, from a guy with a big soul to the sheriff that has a small height but a huge gun. The dialogues in the movie were interesting, and it was cool to watch three absolutely different gorgeous women! Sometimes they were able to change my vision from the movie from a joyful not serious one, to the point than i was realizing how real is everything going on the screen. I think this is the perfect movie for people who are looking for not standard adventures. And in the cinema as well.

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