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Begin Again
Released: 2014-07-04
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Midnight Son
Genre: Adventure / Drama / Horror / Romance / Thriller
Director(s): Scott Leberecht
Release Date: 10 March 2014
Movie rating: 5.9
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What is the movie Midnight Son about?
Midnight Son manages to mold plenty of genres like drama, romance, horror and thriller into one and it does it very well. It is a story about a young man with a rare skin disorder. His name is Jacob and he is confined to a life of isolation. His world takes a huge spin one day when he meets a local bartender and falls in love. Over time Jacob's condition gets worse and he is forced to drink human blood in order to survive. The troubles start when the local law enforcement starts suspecting him to be a killer involved in the series of grizzly murders. This movie meets all of the expectations, those who are looking for a slow paced movie which slowly builds up the tension will enjoy Midnight Son. Acting is excellent, all of the actors did an astonishing job and it is obvious that there was a lot of thought put in to casting. The story is clever and interesting, it may make a few people feel the chills while the movie builds up and starts unleashing a torrent of otherworldly scenes. The biggest plus of Midnight Son is the atmosphere, it is tense, brooding and dark, it couldn't get any better. Fans horror thrillers can't go wrong with this one. Those who aren't fans are also advised to give it a chance, it might be the best movie you've seen this year.
Midnight Son Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Midnight Son HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Midnight SonMidnight SonMidnight SonMidnight SonMidnight SonMidnight SonMidnight SonMidnight SonMidnight SonMidnight Son
Blake @ 17-Jul-2014 07:10 Report a spam

I have noticed that lately movies about vampires have become very popular, for some reason. I guess it is mostly due to the popularity of “Twilight” saga, and the impact it had upon every young girl/ woman in the world. The main hero of this movie is also a vampire, but he is a weird one, as he didn’t even had an idea that he is one, until the time when he wanted to try blood of the girl he likes so much.
I felt very sorry for him when i saw how much he cares for that girl, but at the same time is not able to be with her due to his craving for her blood. I think it is an awful thing, knowing that you will live forever, but forever alone, and the woman you love you cannot spent time with, as you cannot be sure she will be safe with you. It is an awful thing. I would not recommend this movie to people who are suffering because of love, because that would be the thing that would probably kill them, i don’t want something like that, not on my expense, as about everyone else beside that category, enjoy it!

Danielle @ 16-Jul-2014 03:39 Report a spam

I should underline first of all that this movie is for an amateur! Jacob is a quite handsome guy who looks like he is a bit high, he suffers from some very rare skin disease, he cannot show up on sun, otherwise he will burn. And by burn i mean burn completely till the bones. Beside that he is very much attracted to blood, especially the human one. This mister was suppose to realize one day who he really is. The viewer gets this idea by the middle of the movie.
No one knows anything about his family, or where he is from, why earlier his eyes were not changing the color, and what was happening to his ex girlfriends when they were getting to bedroom point.
No one knows anything, same as the regular drug addicted person Mary with who fate has intersected him, that is why the things we don’t know, we get to know during the movie. He tried twice to lay in a bed with her, but it all was finishing as a great torture for him, that is why he was laying all the nights awake and kept calling her and inviting her at his house, but as soon as she was there he was getting rid of her only in a few minutes.

Meg @ 15-Jul-2014 01:32 Report a spam

This is a simple atmosphere movie. There are no special effects in it or some stars performing main roles, and there even is no love story in it. This is a story of a single man who according to his possibilities is going through a disease, this is a potential story about each of us.
All the drama of things happening on the screen is about the ordinary life of the main hero, in the necessity of getting such an unusual provision, in his fights with law and controlling himself. As well as his sudden love, love that he is eventually afraid of! Will she be afraid? You should not expect some great findings in this movie or bright impressions, on the background of various bloodsuckers characters of the past few years, this hero looks a bit modest, and this is the main feature of this movie. Because if imagining that one day you can realize that blood and nothing else in this world is able to save you from death of hunger, and probably you would act same like Jacob, right? Or maybe not?

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