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Monte Carlo
Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Romance
Director(s): Thomas Bezucha
Release Date: 01 July 2011
Movie rating: 5.8
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What is the movie Monte Carlo about?
Grace Bennett, an eighteen-year-old girl, has always dreamt to see Paris and was putting some money aside in order to make her dream come true one day. One night Grace’s step father announces he has paid for the trip to Paris for Grace and her two friends, Emma Danielle Perkins and Meg Kelly-Bennett. The journey turns a disaster, and all three disappointed ladies just dream of how to get back home faster. However, with their journey coming to an end, they get into a five start hotel and their life gets a breathtaking turn: Grace is taken for Cordelia – a rich, spoiled British lady, the heiress of a billion fortune. Thus a pumpkin turns into a carriage, modest dresses – into luxurious outfits, Cinderella becomes a princess, and Paris is changed for Monte Carlo, with omnipresent paparazzi, private planes and unforgettable romance. However, what price the girls will have to pay when the real Cordelia shows up? What can make the police lenient?
Monte Carlo Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Monte Carlo HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Monte CarloMonte CarloMonte CarloMonte CarloMonte CarloMonte CarloMonte CarloMonte CarloMonte CarloMonte Carlo
Sissy @ 12-Jul-2014 22:36 Report a spam

I wanted to see this movie as soon as i saw its trailer on TV. Monte Carlo is a romantic comedy! It is a movie about three girls who after their long waiting but failed trip to Paris enter the five star hotel! A few days they are being like in a fairy tale. As they live in luxurious hotel, have gorgeous clothes and great food. And all of those things happen because one of the main heroes was confused with a rich and scandalous heiress. And here the girls start their adventure, and the main thing is they find their love. I enjoyed this movie, it is very romantic and made me a great mood. I loved the plot and great views of Paris and Monte Carlo- probably that was the other reason i wanted to see this movie so much! But honestly speaking i was waiting a bit more from this movie, that is why i rate it as a good movie, but not the best one i ever saw. It is good enough for a chill evening after work.

Kora @ 12-Jul-2014 22:28 Report a spam

This movie with its subject line has reminded me very much the famous comedy melodrama “Maid in Manhattan”. Due to a mistake a simple girl is being mistaken for the heiress of a very rich family, this way there are great perspectives opened towards her. So what would be her decision and how she will manage that. I think it would have been a difficult task for her, if not the presence of her two great friends. And here the fun begins. Later everything goes according to a classic scheme. She loses her mind because of the wealthy, and the started degradation of morality as well as the genuine qualities appreciation, and of course finding the true love who doesn’t need any material goods. Also there is a prince on the white mercedes. In general i can say that it is a good movie about Cinderella in a modern interpretation. It is a bit funny and lyric, so it is good for brain after a long working day.This movie is amazingly bright and my friends say that it helps to get out of depression, that is why i recommend it.

Fay @ 09-Jul-2014 00:52 Report a spam

Monte Carlo is a movie that you are supposed to watch in order to rest, in all the possible senses! I loved it! It was simple without creepy nasty jokes, and fun to watch. I can say that it is a very light, positive and romantic comedy for girls and their mothers, men would not understand this movie for sure!
It is about three friends who dreamed about getting to Paris! They got there but their trip has disappointed them a little and here suddenly happens an accident mistake (because one of the girls was mixed with the british rich and very capricious young woman) this misunderstanding is changing their live and planes.Girls are getting practically into the fairy tale about Cinderella, where they get clothes expensive jewelry and beau monde in Monte Carlo. And as well there is a lot of romance in the movie. It is a bright movie with beautiful actors and actresses! i advise it to people who seek something positive!

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