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Released: 2014-06-27
The Green Inferno
The Green Inferno
Released: 2014-09-05
Released: 2014-09-26
My Last Day Without You
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Director(s): Stefan C. Schaefer
Release Date: 04 October 2013
Movie rating: 5.7
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What is the movie My Last Day Without You about?
He’s a businessman who in fact has no life outside of his office. Work is something he worships and dedicates all his time. She is a song writer and a singer who lives in Brooklyn and spends all her time being absorbed by music and her inspiration. Both of them live in completely different worlds, and yet they manage to find each other, when the young German businessman goes on a one-day business trip to New York. He has only twelve hours at his disposal, but fate intervenes and he meets that talented girl and within a very short period of time he discovers a whole new world at Brooklyn. He comes to experience something he’s never experienced before – love, infatuation, strongest affection and devotion. Yet there is a problem – they do live in different countries, they belong to completely different worlds, and it seems like the only thing they really share is that incredible feeling which has lightened in their hearts so unexpectedly. One of them has to surrender and take a risk in order to give a chance to their newborn love.
My Last Day Without You Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any My Last Day Without You HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
My Last Day Without YouMy Last Day Without YouMy Last Day Without YouMy Last Day Without YouMy Last Day Without YouMy Last Day Without YouMy Last Day Without YouMy Last Day Without YouMy Last Day Without YouMy Last Day Without You
Madelene @ 27-Jun-2014 22:19 Report a spam

My last day without you, is one of the best movies i have ever seen, as all the times i am watching it i realize that life is not that bad as it seems to be, and there really is love between people an innocent and pure one. I saw this movie not once in mh life, and usually i watch it in the moments when i feel myself very sad and exhausted, somehow it gives me the needed strength to continue carrying on, as life is not that bad, and there are certainly some good things about it as well, that are worth fighting for. Love, friendship are one of the most important things. I suggest this movie to all the broken hearted people, or to people who feel sad and lonely.

Frida @ 27-Jun-2014 21:48 Report a spam

I watched this movie due to Nicole Beharie performing the main character in it. I think she is a very talented woman, actually she is one of the most talented people i have ever seen. The interesting thing is, that besides playing the main role in the movie she also performed fice songs during the movie,and the soundtrack to it is also written by her.
The plot of the movie is very simple,during one business trip to New York, a young man meets a young woman who seems to be everything he was looking for in his life, so as soon as their eyes are crossing he realizes that she is everything he was looking for in his life, and decides that he doesn't want to live even one single day without her, what can be better than that?! After all love is the only feeling that makes people doing crazy but very brave things in their lives.

Paula @ 25-Jun-2014 11:53 Report a spam

It is a totally new adaptation to the classical Cinderella story, once again we find a story when a wealthy man falls in love from the first side into a simple woman. I don't know about everyone else, but i do believe in love from the first sight, i think there is nothing better than this feeling of butterflies in the stomach, that is why i was really happy for the main character, as he was able to find the love of his life. I couldn't help myself from not imagining myself on the place of main characters of the movie. Besiders, Nicole is one of my favorite actresses, she is same intelligent and refined as Angela Basset, so when i see either one of those two in the cast i realize that the movie is super awesome. I advise everyone who seeks for romantics to see this movie, i am sure you will enjoy it and will get nothing but pleasure from it.

Andrew @ 29-May-2014 14:12 Report a spam

Nicole may be a quiet storm. There is a lot of soulful emotion in this talented lady, given to her to share with us. Enjoy her talent. Annalope out...

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