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Genre: Animation
Director(s): Bill Boyce, John Stronach
Release Date: 20 March 2014
Movie rating: 4.7
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What is the movie Noah about?
This is a story of a father, warrior, and a savior of human kind and every live being from the Earth. Noah is chosen by God in order to undertake an epic and momentous mission and rescue all the human kind before an apocalyptic flood destroys the whole world. “People will be punished for what they did with this world” – that’s what we learn from the first minutes of this incredible animation. Noah dreams about a terrible apocalypse that will soon destroy not only his home and land, but the whole world. After having all those worrying visions he decides to go to his grandfather to ask for his advice. But instead of helping his grandson, Methuselah gives him the only remaining grain from the paradise. Eventually Noah understands that he is destined to build a ship that will gather different creatures on its board, and these will be the only living being to survive a terrible flood. Along with birds, animals and reptiles people also find their way to Noah’s ship. It is a very massive piece about ecological problems, people’s fears and delusions.
Noah Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Noah HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Rita @ 13-Jul-2014 01:33 Report a spam

First of all i should say that i am amazed by the performance of Russell Crowe who got a very difficult role in order to perform it. Although the majority of the movie he keeps his silence, i can say that i saw all the pain, disappointment and fear which were fighting in his soul. He really is an amazing actor! This movie has become an amazing one and very qualitative, from the the special effects in it i was sometimes even holding my breath, and the biblical story line in it kept everyone in captivity. I will not retell the story, it is no sense as everyone needs to see this movie on their own at least once per lifetime. The story is known by all world, Noah has got the mission to built a ship and place on it animals in order to save the kind from the flood that will kill everything, i can say that film director has a bit changed the main essence of bible story, and Noah is shown in another “light”, nevertheless the movie still has a important story to tell.

Alex @ 13-Jul-2014 01:25 Report a spam

I went to see this movie in the cinema, eventually this movie deserves being seen on the wide screen. I can say that i am amazed. There are not that many movies today that make you think, and i guess this movie will take the first place according to the fact it makes you think a lot about life. As about religion i can say that it always was a very serious and important matter for me. This movie shocked me with the human cruelty that is revealed in it. And how strong is the spite in people. What people are ready to do in order to revenge till the last day of their life.
I think this movie really deserves attention as it shows that the person always has a choice, and in a lot of cases this choice is very difficult. And the fact that God gave as us brain says that we need to take those decisions on our own, God only gives intern power in order to take it and follow no matter how hard it will be. Children till fifteen-sixteen would not probably understand the sense but i suggest everyone to see it, both children and adults as everyone will find an issue to think about.

Terry @ 09-Jul-2014 02:34 Report a spam

Well, i don’t even know what to start from while talking about this movie, hmm i guess i should start saying that i am a very religious person so i was very happy when i saw the advertising of this movie, i could barely wait till the time i will go to cinema in order to see it! So the much i was interested to see it, double much i was disappointed with it. It was filmed with adding of some fantasy to the real events in the Bible. Noah was a good person who wanted to save everything on the Earth but unfortunately didn’t had this possibility, while in this movie he was shown as a bad person who was killing people and wanted to kill his own granddaughters, i am so shocked by seeing this movie, how come?! I think the scenario writers have done a great mistake by showing this version of the Biblical story. And i cannot understand how Russell Crowe and Emma Watson have agreed to perform in this plot!

Nicky @ 27-May-2014 09:51 Report a spam

A very beautiful well done movie with great special effects portraying the story that everyone knows of us already. Still, not what I would expect from the movie of the year 2014. Is this only me or most of the latest movies do not have a logical story line and well thought plot? However, the great actors stuff and their performances save the movie.

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