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Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi
Director(s): Greg Mottola
Release Date: 13 February 2011
Movie rating: 7.0
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What is the movie Paul about?
A couple of English sci-fi geeks Graeme Willy and Clive Gollings are heading to one of the most important fan events in the science fiction field – Comic-Con convention in America. On their way, not far from famous ‘Area 51’ (it is conjectured that American authorities keep the evidence of the UFO’s existence on this military ground), they meet a run-away alien named Paul, who is constantly using foul language; he asks for their help in bringing him back home. US Secret Service has its own vision of the situation and secret agent Lorenzo Zoil, who resembles a character from ‘Men in Black’ is chasing the trio. Trying to escape, the ‘heroes’ accidentally kidnap a woman and come across stoned witness of the Paul’s emergency landing.
Paul Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Paul HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Colin @ 13-Jul-2014 00:02 Report a spam

I guess this is the most interesting and unusual review i have ever wrote in my life! I would like to say that it is a great movie that made me laugh so hard that my cheeks hurt me a lot afterwards! Here are a few jokes for example: “We will be raped and they will break our arms, awe nooo, not the arms please!” or the other one “What is wrong with you Clive? there is an alien in our kitchen he slices the bread and makes coffee! You wanted tea?” i guess the seventy percent of jokes in the movie are a bit vulgar, but it really is funny! As about the subject line i can say that everything is simple and predictable, so i will not even write about it! In general i can say that the creators of the movie have made a funny comedy with the elements of fantasy and a huge variety of jokes for the fans, that is why i recommend to watch this movie in order to increase the mood and have a great evening!

Mistique @ 12-Jul-2014 23:54 Report a spam

This movie is smooth and clear, it belongs to the rank of movies which i call “simply watch and get pleasure”. And it is a very easy formula of success, because the characters are being done in a very qualitative way, it is a healthy and the most important thing funny humor, there is a little bit, tiny little bit of platitudes in order to add some spice to the movie and bring more interest towards teenagers. And of course there were a few moments of “sadness”, so the life would not feel like a huge peach cake! As a result we get a qualitative comedy which although is a bit “stamped” is still very interesting and funny and light, and i can definitely say that i enjoyed it a lot, and i know for sure that you will enjoy it a lot as well, so watch it and get a lot of pleasure, same as i did! By the way it is good for children as well (there is nothing nude or embarrassing in it).

Mildred @ 09-Jul-2014 02:12 Report a spam

Well what is the essence of this movie, it is a sneaky comedy with a lot of horny jokes, and geeks with a slice of sarcasm on them. I cannot say that i couldn’t wait till the moment when i will see it.
i am a big fan of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but for some reason i was not very much fond of this movie. i think having fun upon the geeks has already become a sort of tradition, and it is too much of it lately.The only thing i am satisfied about is, no matter how stupid the movie is, i always laugh like crazy. Some wise person said that in order to get to know a person you need to see what he is laughing at, hopefully this movie doesn’t characterize my essence! During the movie i felt like i got high, and i cannot say i am very proud about it.
To my great disappointment Simon Pegg in this movie was awful, i guess the process of americanization was damaging for him. I had fun mostly on supportive characters: Kristen Wiig and Jason Bateman.

Anna @ 14-Jun-2014 21:51 Report a spam

Paul is a very interesting and definitely hilarious movie you will have fun watching! I laughed my ass out loud with my husband when watching it. At first, I didn’t have many expectations about it, as the movie uses many curse words and I am not a fond of sci-fi movies and definitely no movies about sci-fi geeks getting in funny situations when meeting an extraterrestrial that is the funniest character in the entire movie. My husband insisted we need to watch it and I was amazed that the movie was very light, interesting, entertaining and my face ached from smiling and laughing so much. Watch it and you will never regret! I think of watching it more than one in the nearest future.

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