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Begin Again
Begin Again
Released: 2014-07-04
Genre: Mystery / Romance / Thriller
Director(s): Alfred Hitchcock
Release Date: 01 January 1940
Movie rating: 8.2
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What is the movie Rebecca about?
An adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s novel of the same name, “Rebecca” was the first American project of the renowned British director Alfred Hitchcock. A drak, gothic mystery thriller typical of Hitchcock’s work, it follows the story of an unnamed young woman who catches the eye of a brooding aristocrat widower Maxim de Winter. They are quickly wed and the second Mrs. de Winter moves to her husband’s estate, but she is there constantly haunted by the unspoken presence of de Winter’s first wife, late Rebecca. The house staff seems to despise her in comparison to Rebecca, especially the housekeeper Mrs. Danvers who constantly plots ways to embarrass her in the eyes of her husband. A late night shipwreck unveils a secret that her husband has been trying to keep from her, a secret that threatens to bring ruin upon the family, and the second Mrs. de Winter has to let go of her girlish naivety in order to help her husband escape the punishment Rebecca intended for him a long time ago. Even though the film was heavily re-edited without Hitchcock’s participation and the ensuing bitterness led to him demanding more autonomy from the studio executives, the film received 11 academy awards nominations the year it was released, winning three of them, including the most important one, outstanding production award. It is the only film of the last eight decades to receive the best motion picture award without winning in any of the acting, writing or directing categories.
Rebecca Cast
Rebecca Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Rebecca HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Sam Jordison @ 16-Aug-2014 14:00 Report a spam

A real treat. Captivating from its famous opening lines to its pyrotechnic finale, this is one of Hitchcock's finest -- and that's saying something.

Anthony Martinos @ 16-Aug-2014 13:59 Report a spam

Rebecca is so many films rolled into one, it's a romance, a thriller, a horror but most importantly, it's a winner. You don't need to take it from me how beautiful Hitchcock's directing is, especially his older black and white films. The acting is fantastic, Florence Bates steals most of the early scenes but this is very much Joan Fontaine's film, she is glorious and I completely fell in love with her after this. I would say it was one of Hitchcock's best films but then I would put at least 9 others in the same category. I absolutely adored it.

Josie @ 31-Jul-2014 09:23 Report a spam

Not a long time ago i saw the movie “Rebecca” which was filmed on the basis of the book with the same name that i read a long time ago. I should say that despite the fact that movies are usually not that good as the books are, this movie was actually even better than the book itself. This movie is a story of love of a young girl and a very rich man who lost his wife a year before he met the main hero. When he marries this girl he brings her to his castle where she cannot get rid of the thought that everyone in it is comparing her to his ex wife Rebecca who even being dead is literally “haunting” our hero. The entire house was full of her dead spirit, it looked like she went for a walk and soon will get back, and this is a torture for the hero, as she thinks her husband still loves his ex wife. But it is not a simple story of love, it is also a thriller and a detective, in a way or another. When i first started watching it my first thought was the main hero is too beautiful she is not supposed to be this way. And she was not very real. But later i realized it was logical, this way she managed to look like a naive smiling girl who believes in miracles and real love.

Dafne @ 30-Jul-2014 23:36 Report a spam

I read the book “Rebecca” and stayed indifferent about it! Hopefully the fans of the author and of the book will forgive me for saying that! But i was expecting something more interesting. So in order to be sure i didn’t misunderstood anything i decided to watch the movie! And what can i say about it! I am simply astonished! This movie has put everything on its places, in it i saw love, mystics and fear! Everything that i could not sense during reading of the book! Probably i made the mistake, i was supposed to watch the movie first and after it read the book, maybe in this case i would have been more positive about it. Of course there are a lot of things that do not match with the book in it, but they are only making it look better! All the heroes in it are very well chosen! The main hero was perfect! I recommend this movie, no matter the fact it is a very old one, and there were too many decorations used during its filming, but still it is a very capturing movie! Admirers of modern movies will not understand it!

Faith @ 30-Jul-2014 19:33 Report a spam

I read the book “Rebecca” and i cannot say that it is my favorite one, but no matter this thing i can surely say that i read it with great interest, and some things in it i found to be very pleasant for me. That is how and why i decided that i want to see the movie. First i saw the modern one, and later the old version of it by Hitchcock. I got interested more with the black and white option that was filmed in 1940. Wow, that was really a long while ago. The movie is amazing and so were the actors, music and the types of nature. Mandale- the mansion made me feel a lot of thrill and majesty. In the movie was things are shown very well. There is no fake subject, primary ideas or pervert things. The subject is not stretched like in the variety of other modern movies. According to the subject line the movie is very close to the book, though it is possible that everything is described not too precisely.Of course if watching the movie without reading the book before that, than it would be more interesting, as the intrigue is not revealed, but no matter that i still got a lot of pleasure from watching it.

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