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Rise of the Guardians
Genre: Animation / Adventure
Director(s): Peter Ramsey, William Joyce
Release Date: 21 November 2012
Movie rating: 7.3
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What is the movie Rise of the Guardians about?
“Rise of the Guardians” is a CGI-animated film, awaited to come out on big screens in 2012. The story of the movie found its basis in “The Guardians of Childhood” books, written by William Joyce. The story centers on a group of heroes, all members of which possess special extraordinary abilities. When Pitch, a malicious spirit, is plotting to take over the Earth, immortal Guardians stand on protection of the children’s beliefs, hopes and imagination from all over the world. Jack Frost, North, Bunnymund and Tooth are to withstand the villain and a team of a hell will leave no chances to an evil Pitch…
Rise of the Guardians Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Rise of the Guardians HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Rise of the GuardiansRise of the GuardiansRise of the GuardiansRise of the GuardiansRise of the GuardiansRise of the GuardiansRise of the GuardiansRise of the GuardiansRise of the GuardiansRise of the Guardians
Kate @ 12-Jul-2014 05:43 Report a spam

I like the fact that there are some of the modern cartoons in which the pure essence was not killed yet! That is why i often try to go with my kids to the cinema when i see something that is really worthy. I saw the trailer, and already had a good feeling about this cartoon! So one day instead of going to art school i took my daughters to the cinema, where we saw an amazing cartoon! I think it is exactly the case when it is much better to go to 3D. It is a very good animation, and where were a lot of moments which were calculated for a better perception.This is a story about miracles and about those who keep children dreams. Each child can have its own favorite hero! I will not say the plot of the story, but i can guarantee that it will be interesting as it is a kind story with a lot of decent jokes! So huge recommend for parents and their kids.

Rosalia @ 12-Jul-2014 05:36 Report a spam

If i wouldn’t have a son, than it is more than probably that i wouldn’t went for this cartoon, but due to the fact i love my baby we went to the cinema to see it with entire family! And i can say that it was the best choice ever as i was able to return into my childhood, even my mom had tears in her eyes! Some of the characters were very well known to kids, like for example Ice Jack or Sand Man, or the Easter Rabbit or Tooth Fey are once who don’t even need presentation. All of those characters got united against Evil, and who will win as a result in this battle? Cute, Unusual characters and kind atmosphere as well as the belief in the miracles! All of those were made for children, no gross graphics or vulgar jokes. All those things were made for children who believe in miracles and see that goodness always beats the evil.I advice this cartoon to all the parents who want or need quality time with their children.

Tina @ 09-Jul-2014 00:21 Report a spam

i saw this movie at the cinema. I went to it alone, and i can say that the whole hall was full of parents with their children. I got only positive impressions after watching it! I think it is the best cartoon i have ever seen. it is kind, tender, funny and touching. There were moments when i had tears in my eyes, and there were moments when i laughed. During watching it i felt myself like a child and truly believed that those characters truly existed! How cute was the Sandman and the little elves who were very charming! In our times there are so many problems that there is a huge need in seeing something nice and positive in order to have the power to carry on and continue living no matter how hard it might be! i advise everyone to watch it in 3D, as the picture is simply awesome!

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