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Genre: Action / Crime / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Director(s): José Padilha
Release Date: 12 February 2014
Movie rating: 6.1
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What is the movie RoboCop about?
There isn't a movie fan in the world who hasn't heard about the RoboCop, a legendary movie which many have been watching regularly every few years or even more often. It is a tale of good triumphing over evil and it is awesome to see it made again in the year 2014. The year is 2028 and a multinational robotics conglomerate OmniCorp makes drones which have been used overseas by the military making OmniCorp rake in billions of dollars. Today, OmniCorp wants to bring their technology to the home front and they do it by saving the life of a Detroit cop Alex Murphy. They not only save his life but turn him into a half-robot, half-man who fights crime. OmniCorp wants to grow and make more money and they envision a RoboCop in every city. Alex Murphy returns to the rotten streets of Detroit. The streets are laden with crime and corruption and he has to clean up the city. He comes to face many human issues which normal police officers never had to face. This is a typical modern Hollywood movie, everyone knows what to expect and that is exactly what they are going to get. Lots of actions, awesome explosions, amazing CGI and plenty of fighting scenes. Fans of RoboCop will definitely check this one out, and those who are new to the world of RoboCop should give this a go and see why the original still is a legendary movie.
RoboCop Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any RoboCop HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Fons Brodeur @ 26-Jul-2014 18:36 Report a spam

I enjoyed the movie very much. It's well-executed and the direction was clear and crisp. There's no distinct feel-good actions scenes because the pacing is kept constant throughout and I don't see why there's an issue with the pacing being that way. It's hardly flat, it's just a very honest, straight- flushed story-telling, and it fits the themes that are underscored by the movie. Alex Murphy is a reluctant hero and he's ultimately a father and a husband whose personal agenda serves as his existential core. I like how these themes are teased out and zoomed in upon throughout the movie. Also, there are some absolutely delicious production details and CGIs that are just absolutely feasts to the eye. Not to mention the superb cast and the wonderful performances. I think this is a honest and loyal reboot that will appeal to fans of Robocop who fell in love with the story precisely for the moralistic themes it explores

Bellamy @ 16-Jul-2014 21:14 Report a spam

When i started watching this movie i was very much afraid that the remake would be worse than the original version, but i got quite satisfied with the movie i saw. At least due to the fact that for a action movie there are not that many shooting in it, and fighting is only via using arms. I am not a fan of violence. If being honest i should say that the characters performed by Oldman and Keaton made the Robocop not that interesting for the viewer with all his worries and sufferings. I think it is not a bad alternative to the previous part , that i watched about fifteen years ago in a video salon. That is why i recommend this movie while sitting at home and not having anything else to do. Although children who are younger than fifteen should probably not see it, as there still is violence in the movie, i think we live in such world there already is too much of it, so why adding even more to it. Especially considering the fact that there are many other good enough alternatives to it, which could be used for home video!

Robbie @ 15-Jul-2014 23:55 Report a spam

I think this movie is good enough when there is nothing else to watch, it is good for one time, but not more. But it is so boring that it was a bit difficult for me to watch it from time to time. All the movie, i had the feeling, that i already saw all those things and that it is made from pieces of another movies. And all of those things considering that i didn’t saw the previous Robocop. The type of special effects from which you feel like it is not enough air. In front of me it was a movie without any subject, as this subject is not new at all, and it is completely predictable. The actors who were performing in it are unknown, and their performance was not the best one i have ever seen, if not being too rude, the only person who played well was the doctor, he did very well. Robocop has performed a metal thing with 2% of emotions. For me it was nonsense the fact that in fantasy movie of the year 2014, there were no special effects at all.I think this movie will not be very interesting even for boys, as they like action, which is absent from this movie, and girls like romance which is also out of this movie

Tina @ 14-Jul-2014 22:10 Report a spam

Hi everyone! Now i can easily say that i have watched the Robocop as well! I cannot say that i saw the previous versions of this movie, as i think that this is the kind of movie “for boys only”. I went to the cinema with my husband, he was thrilled by this movie since his childhood, that is why he could not miss the new version. Although i went to this movie without some special enthusiasm i can easily say that i liked it a lot! It is very interesting! To my great happiness, i didn’t had and options to compare with as i did not see the previous movie, that is why i will be honest in my opinion about it.I liked that there are not too many fights and shooting in the movie. Also i liked the acting staff, i don’t know the main hero actor but i can say that he is very pleasant! Also i was pleasantly surprised with Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman in the movie! The most important thing is even though the movie was quite long, i did not have the thought when it will finally end even once. So my conclusion is that it would be pleasant to watch for everyone, even girls! If i liked it ( i am usually very picky) than they will as well!

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