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Genre: Action / Biography / Drama / Sport
Director(s): Ron Howard
Release Date: 27 September 2013
Movie rating: 8.1
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What is the movie Rush about?
Rush is a movie based on a true story of great sporting rivalry between a handsome English playboy James Hunt and his brilliant opponent, Austrian driver Niki Lauda. Story of Rush follows their different personal styles on and off the track. It also shows the 1976 F1 season in which both of the drivers were willing to risk just about everything to become a world champion. Rush is an amazing film, if you are a fan of Formula 1 racing then you will definitely have a blast while watching this flick. Anyone who enjoys movies about rivalry will also have fun while watching this movie since the element of rivalry is the dominant one in Rush. It is also a tale of human nature, the way in which the best in all of us comes out when we have something to overcome. Rush is definitely a breath of fresh air in the stagnant industry, it is a movie which makes the viewers not notice that more than two hours have passed, there never is a dull moment. Casting is amazing, all of the actors did they best and it shows that they loved their roles. IF you enjoy watching F1 racing and are a fan of the golden days of F1, definitely watch Rush, you will have a blast.
Rush Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Rush HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Ivy @ 17-Jul-2014 02:42 Report a spam

First of all i would like to say that the heroes of the movie are worked very well, and in some places they have really funny jokes! So if talking about cast i can say that it is a great movie, and by the way i can say that the actors look very much alike their real prototypes ( as this story was based on real events). And by the way, despite the common opinion that Hemsworth is a cute handsome guy with no brain i think that he is the type of actor for whom the best genre to perform in is drama. According to the “picture” i can say that it was made very qualitative as well, i was very worried for the heroes and was tensed so much that i could feel every single nerve in my body! And in one moment i even could not stop the tears in my eyes!
If not the end of the movie than i would probably consider it a perfect one! Yes of course i realize it was the real one, but still i was expecting for some happy ending of the story, that is why got upset. Anyway i do recommend this movie to people of all genres, this is one of those movies that would never make you feel sick while watching it again and again.

Susan @ 16-Jul-2014 02:36 Report a spam

This movie is good practically in every single detail! It is based on real story of two racers for Formula 1, it had a great sole for logic scenario right from the beginning! And the expectations were not disappointed, as everything in this movie is the way it is supposed to be. The victories, standing in front of each other, losses, accidents and love that was influencing everything in the life of those two racers.
I am sure that the amateurs of Formula 1, would definately be very excited to see this movie, with its great pictures and little cars. It was a very tensed filming, and of course dramatic as well, as you get to worry about every single circle that racers are doing. This movie is impossible to compare with the race that is being shown directly. Boys and girls who are far from it, would get their portion of pleasure as well, from the races, and breathtaking images of accidents, and i am sure the story of competition between two men, one brave and handsome, and other one smart and calculated. Personally i got a lot of pleasure from the story and from Chris Hemsworth!

Sheila @ 14-Jul-2014 23:49 Report a spam

Rush is a biography drama that is telling the story of opposition of two famous Formula 1 Racer- Nick Lauda and James Hunt. Their opposition later has brought them to a huge war for the right to become a champion, and it made them both sacrifice their health and families as well as happiness! This movie reveals not only the war between two racers, that they were having for the right to be Champion of the world, but also the personalities of those people! Two completely different and not similar to each other people who are at the same time exquisite fighters! The rational Lauda and not caring about anything Hunt. One lives having a prognosis for entire life, while another one is not attentive to anything. Nevertheless both of the racers are incredibly talented and smart, and undoubtedly both deserved becoming World’s champions. And this is the unique thing of the movie that makes you worry for both of them during the movie! i advice this movie to everyone as it really is a great one!!

Luukas Buckley @ 12-Jul-2014 16:30 Report a spam

Rush is not a particularly deep film. But more importantly, it is not a film that mistakes itself for deep. And this self-knowledge makes Rush, in some ways, a wiser film than many that aspire to loftier goals.

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