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Saving Private Ryan
Genre: Action / Drama / War
Director(s): Steven Spielberg
Release Date: 01 January 1998
Movie rating: 8.6
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What is the movie Saving Private Ryan about?
Tom Hanks at his best! This actor is one of the most wanted ones and there are many reasons for that. After watching Saving Private Ryan, you will realize why this is the case. It is one of the movies about the World War II in which we can see Chief of Staff, General Marshall, he gets informed that there are three sons of a woman have been killer. She needs to get informed about the their death. There is a fourth son as well, and that is why the General is going to need to do everything in order to find him. In Saving Private Ryan we see the adventures of the whole crew and we have to underline that Steven Spielberg has shown again that he is a great director. Tom Hanks leads a group of great actors who are showing why they are still very popular. We have to mention Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns, Barry Pepper, etc. No one thought that he is still alive but that is not going to stop them from looking for him. The area that they have to search is very dangerous. There are eight men searching for Private Ryan and each one has his own story that is like a movie inside of a movie... Saving Private Ryan is one of the movies that you will watch more than once. We know that we have.
Saving Private Ryan Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Saving Private Ryan HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Saving Private RyanSaving Private RyanSaving Private RyanSaving Private RyanSaving Private RyanSaving Private RyanSaving Private RyanSaving Private RyanSaving Private RyanSaving Private Ryan
Ildiko @ 29-Jul-2014 05:02 Report a spam

What can be worse than war and losing your loved ones? The subject line of the movie is about a troop of soldiers who were lead by the character performed by Tom Hanks who went to look for a man whose mother already lost three of her children. It was very difficult to watch it and to understand that it really happened in real life, people were dying, hundreds and thousands of people, and there were not that many things that they could do in order to change that. In order to save one soldier an entire detachment has died! It was very painful and hard to watch that! And was it worthy to save one man, why is one mother who lost three children better than three mothers who stayed without their children when they were saving Ryan. I think it is the best movie about war that i have ever seen, and it was built on the essence of people who were in the middle of tragic battlefield. On the war there are people whose personality is changed in the worst way, and even in that moment people are ready to do real things that deserve respect.

Alex @ 26-Jul-2014 09:23 Report a spam

Saving private Ryan is a great movie, although it is a old one, and i watched it a long time ago, i can still remember what feelings and emotions i had after watching it for the first time! By the way soon i am planning to watch it for the fourth time! It is a movie about the second World War in which the main role is performed by Tom Hanks. This movie shows the story of his crew, and how they went a long and not very easy way in order to bring back one soldier home to his mother. During the movie i saw some great battles, and since the beginning of the movie i was thrown into the place where were concentrated all the fights, in order to see all the terrible things about the war, there were not much of special effects, which were not needed at all, as things shown were already too hard to understand and live with. I suggest this movie to people who enjoy movies about war. I didn’t went through the details, that is why watch the movie, and you will realize that you don’t regret two hours spent on this film!

Jackie @ 26-Jul-2014 04:20 Report a spam

I can easily say that it is not a sort of crap which is a lot filmed nowadays, this is a real movie about real men! So if you need a movie in order to simply relax or have fun, than i can definitely say that it is a wrong movie in order to do it! You need something else. But if you are looking for a movie that will make you think, then you are on the right way! This movie is heavy from all the points of view, it shows the war, real war, without trying to make it look better. It is the real war with all of its cruelty.
And there are people on this war, all of them are different. Some of them are brave and real heroes, and some of them are cowards hiding behind someone’s back. There are Miller, Upham, Carpaso and Ryan. If comparing those four men, they all are completely different. And how much they have changed during the war. I am very thankful to this story and this wonderful movie! And it makes me happy the fact that roles in it were performed by Tom Hanks, Vin Diesel and Matt Damon, they were simply amazing!!!

Nina @ 15-Jul-2014 18:26 Report a spam

I have never been affected by a movie the way Saving Private Ryan affected me. That movie really took me out of my seat in the movie theater and practically had me believing I was really in the battle with John Miller. When somebody was dying in that movie, it felt as if you could almost feel their pain. Speilberg did an unbelievable job of putting realism into this movie with the camera-work and everything else. Simply amazing! An all time great!

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