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Sibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan Killer
Genre: Thriller
Director(s): Matt Farnsworth
Release Date: 01 January 2011
Movie rating: 3.8
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What is the movie Sibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan Killer about?
A brother and a sister become the eyewitnesses of their parents’ murder at their infant age. After that they get into a Catholic Church orphanage, where they spend their happy years of rehabilitation in the period of their growing. But if Audrey tries to forget her past by any means and tries to set up her life, her brother Markus has his own views on existence. Since his childhood he wears a mask, and behaves not very adequately, as a school fan of Slipknot, and obviously doesn’t want to color his world with the all colors of the rainbow. However, the situation drastically changes when the two find themselves on the opposite sides of the barricades. Audrey goes on with life and comes back to work in the orphanage, while Marcus is losing his mind, diagnosed with the last degree of schizophrenia, he starves to take vengeance on everyone, starting with his sister…
Sibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan Killer Cast
Sibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan Killer Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Sibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan Killer HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Sibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan KillerSibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan KillerSibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan KillerSibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan KillerSibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan KillerSibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan KillerSibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan KillerSibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan KillerSibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan KillerSibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan Killer
Bella @ 02-Aug-2014 11:00 Report a spam

I think David Backus did pretty great while performing Marcus’s role, as he created a cruel and not very pleasant image, who makes you feel awkward and terrified each time he appeared in the movie. Also Diane Foster was very convincing in the movie. Despite the fact that this movie is a low budget one, and there is no style in the filming of it, i can say that it made me feel a variety of positive emotions, it terrified me, that is why i recommend it to all the admirers of the horror movies, or of the trash genre.
It is a very cruel and aggressive movie, that has a lot of psycho details in it. The cold blood in the movie and indifference with which the main villain is getting rid of everyone who is standing on its way, and it was made in an amazing way. The blood flows like rivers, and there is a lot of “meat” in the movie. And a lot of violence in huge quantities. First of all i would like to keep away people who are very religious from this movie, and of course it is not a movie for people who are easy to impress.

Angela @ 02-Aug-2014 01:23 Report a spam

The brother and sister Audrey and Marcus when they were small have become witnesses of a cruel murder of their parents, and due to that they were sent to orphanage in a catholic school. There were many years passed since that time, and during all this time Audrey has tried to forget the nightmares of her past, and her brother Marcus little by little starts losing his mind, and due to this fact there is no kindness left in his heart.
It is a cruel and bloody horror movie, in which he tries to analyze the reasons why cruelty and angry mood develop in person’s life, and how those people become sadists. And it was proved that those things are developing due to childhood drama and psychoses. And the film director has done a great job by showing a real drama and problem hidden behind cruel and unpleasant scenes. There was a sort of trash manner how the movie was shown to the viewer. I can say that though it was scary for me to watch it, i can say that i really enjoyed it, and i got some lessons for me.

Hickman @ 01-Aug-2014 03:16 Report a spam

No matter the massacre in the movie, i can say that this movie had a deep philosophy sense, it is about educating a child, and the circumstances this child grows in, too bad it was not fully developed, as i consider it is a very important subject!
I can say that the big plus of this movie is its music composer who was able to find a very unusual music which was equally enjoyed by the rockers, and was underlining the madness that was going on on the screen, although in some moments it was not a very good one, anything bravo! The film director didn’t do everything he could, the camera is all the time shaking and the movie itself looked like it didn’t had anything special about it, there were filmed only the not needed scenes, and cutting the bodies. As a result i can say that it is a weak trash slasher which doesn’t have anything about it except various murders and wild music.There is nothing this movie can be proud of. I think that even watching it one time is already a big mistake and waste of time.

Mike @ 07-Jun-2014 14:50 Report a spam

Unfortunately, I cannot take back the 90 wasted minutes that this movie lasts in my life! The movie is rather insulting, stupid and lacks any suspense with some foolish gore effects. I cannot understand all the hype around this film as it doesn’t really worth it, namely this made me check it out that I surely regret now. The poor acting jut add to the stupidity and nonsense of the movie, I am speaking here of the porn level performance. The special effects leave much to be desired and at some parts it is so apparent and so comical, that you are close to vomiting.

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