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Released: 2014-06-27
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Life of Crime
Released: 2014-08-29
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The Green Inferno
Released: 2014-09-05
Sin City
Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller
Director(s): Frank Miller
Release Date: 01 January 2005
Movie rating: 8.0
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What is the movie Sin City about?
Featuring a star studded cast and adapted from a critically acclaimed series of graphic novels, “Sin City” has won its share of critical and commercial success as well. Co-written, co-produced and co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller who was the author of the original graphic novels, it combines a few stories into an action packed neo noir omnibus. After a brief but deadly prologue, we move on to the first story in which an aging cop John Hartigan (Bruce Willis) tries to stop a serial killer from taking another victim. The second part tells the tale of Marv, a tender hearted muscle head who takes on a powerful crime family, a cannibal killer and an entire squad of corrupted cops in order to avenge the death of a prostitute he fancied. The third segment depicts a war between militant prostitutes, the mob and crooked cops, with a loner tough guy in the middle of it. In the final segment we revisit officer Hartigan recovering from his wounds and being blackmailed into taking the fall for the mass murderer he brought down. The story moves eight years forward when Hartigan gets out of jail and searches for the girl he had saved, which leads him to a final showdown with his nemesis.
Sin City Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Sin City HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Sin CitySin CitySin CitySin CitySin CitySin CitySin CitySin CitySin CitySin City
Vega @ 26-Jul-2014 12:30 Report a spam

Of course you can easily watch the movie, but not for more than one time. I Enjoyed the performance of the actress Jessica Alba most of all in it, she is very pretty and has a cute appearance, i can say that i watched this movie only because of her, she has an amazing body, and is a gorgeous actress, i wish i could see her more in the first roles. I think she is great, and all the movies with her are very interesting i love her, her talent and beauty. This movie is interesting and i recommend watching it! In this movies the most important thing is the subject and the twisted plot. The star actors have made a great job in the movie! The graphics in the movie is amazing and it is a completely different thing from the one to which i am used in the movies.The row of murders, gorgeous women with red lips and red hair, the luxurious cars and chasing in the sin city happens in its own charming way! I think Bruce Willis and Elijah Woods has made a great job during performing in it. It is a completely stylish movie!

Romano @ 26-Jul-2014 08:01 Report a spam

I am not trying to influence anyone with my opinion but i would definitely want to say what i think about this movie, i am trying to figure out what is the sense of the movie, as i didn’t got the idea when i watched it. The sin city at some point has revoked a resonance, that is why i couldn’t help myself and decided to see it. In general i can say that this movie is not of my level, as i cannot understand it at all, and while seeing some of the scenes in it, i got simply scared ( like for example the boy who was eaten and only his whispering head was left). The acting staff in this movie is perfect, i cannot understand how did they manage to get that many famous actors into such a creepy movie. It was so creepy that the only time in my life i didn’t paid attention to the beauty of Jessica Alba. Maybe i am simply a person who was not able to see a real masterpiece in the movie?! Or the movie is not that interesting and full of sense as it claims to be?!

Nicolina @ 26-Jul-2014 01:20 Report a spam

It is a very pretty and romantic crap. The worst thing is that it is not boring for me to watch it even one more time, even once per day and even every day! The actors are very pretty and the stunts they make also look very good. The sado mazo things are creepy and it was hard for me to watch it from the emotional point of view. Especially when they were destroying bodies. The culmination of death and its celebration are clearly seen in every five minutes of the movie. I had a feeling that “The Adams” family has slept with “Superheroes” and this way this cruel movie has appeared. I can say that the choice of the actors was amazing, though i am not a sado mazo, but i really wanted to visit that sin city, especially to get into the row of well armed prostitutes. In order to spank some testicles in there. I felt very sorry for the little girl when the yellow freak wanted to rape her! I advice everyone (except kids of course) to watch it, there are interesting things there to see.

Alexender @ 21-Jul-2014 15:55 Report a spam

Think of it like film noir on mescaline, all garish black and white visuals with tough talking cowboy loner types prowling a rat infested urban choas of cigarette smoke, gunsmoke, beautiful bad girls and scum, lots and lots of scum. Beautiful.

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