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Released: 2014-08-01
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Street Kings: Motor City
Genre: Action / Crime / Drama
Director(s): Chris Fisher
Release Date: 18 April 2011
Movie rating: 4.8
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What is the movie Street Kings: Motor City about?
Ray Liotta shows an intense and laborious work in this explosive sequel of the criminal thriller “Street Kings”. Liotta plays a Detroit detective Marty Kingston, a leader of the undercover policemen that were systematically killed one by one. In order to detect the savage murders, including the murder of Marty Kingston’s partner, Kingston teams up with Dan Sullivan, a young detective, homicide. Very soon, getting suspicious of the circumstances around the ruthless killings, Sullivan starts working with internal affairs to find out Kingston is a crooked cop. Their common investigation uncovers stunning secrets that force them to face betrayal and vengeance…
Street Kings: Motor City Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Street Kings: Motor City HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Street Kings: Motor CityStreet Kings: Motor CityStreet Kings: Motor CityStreet Kings: Motor CityStreet Kings: Motor CityStreet Kings: Motor CityStreet Kings: Motor CityStreet Kings: Motor CityStreet Kings: Motor CityStreet Kings: Motor City
Sheila @ 11-Jul-2014 03:18 Report a spam

This movie is good! As well as all the movies with Keanu Reeves. I realized that i should not watch all the movies with same actor, as after watching the fourth, fifth movie with him it is already not that interesting to see how he will perform! And if making a short break and after watching another movie than it is pleasant again. There were very funny moments, like for example when the partner of Reeves is dying in the movie he understands he has no chance to save him so he does nothing except call the ambulance and sits near him instead of doing something, like for example calling the ambulance itself :))).The music in the movie is perfect as it keeps you tensely all the time although you barely notice it. The subject is not new, but at the same time not well discovered by the producers, so it is worth seeing it!

Jasmine @ 09-Jul-2014 10:03 Report a spam

This movie is a typical criminal thriller of a Hollywood kind. The theme is not new at all. Same corrupted police, and same criminality inside the police. Frankly speaking i do not really like movies of this genre, but i watched it due to Keanu Reeves who performs the main role in it. The role of a cop who doesn’t care about anything except law.Although the subject line is not new at all, i can say that during the entire movie i was very tensed, and the main intrigue of the movie has been kept till the end. I can say that the music was wonderful, it was revoking even more emotions, and there were appearing even more new moments, which at the beginning seemed to be good ones, but it doesn’t matter that they will keep staying this way till the end. Keanu was as usually at the top of all my expectations! I recommend this movie to everyone, as i loved it, and give it ten from ten.

Aurelia @ 08-Jul-2014 21:56 Report a spam

I think the name of the movie could have been a different one, as the only common thing with the first part is the name of the movie. Now a bit about the subject. It is simple and easy, after the first few minutes of watching it i got the idea who is the good guy and who is the bad one. Personally i think this movie is a simple action film with nothing special about, it is enough watching it once per lifetime. I was pleasantly surprised to see the dinosaur Ray Liotta in it, also Sean Hatosy has performed very well in it. The star of such movies as “University” and so on. He was given the main role with which he dealt pretty well. As about the movie it is a regular cop movie with a predictable subject, the only thing that saved the movie from total disaster is performance of the main characters. People who like this kind of movies can watch them pretty easy, although it is not a cult movie, it is pretty easy to watch it.

Manu @ 19-Jun-2014 19:06 Report a spam

The movie is nothing more than a mediocre sequel. It has some good action sequences but the story lacks of stability and deepness unlike the first part the original. Ray Liotta still has some skills in him I'll give him that.

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