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The Art of the Steal
The Art of the Steal
Released: 2014-06-20
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Director(s): Warren P. Sonoda
Release Date: 21 April 2011
Movie rating: 3.9
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What is the movie Textuality about?
The story vividly portrays our present digital age. It is a light-hearted story of a guy and a girl, who are trying to build a relationship, but there are lots of others guys and women on their way. The two were having multiple relationships they managed using their iTunes before they appeared in each other’s life. They try to quit roaming and create stable harmonious long-lasting relationship. However, it takes time, forces and getting rid of the old habits. It is a story about men and women in general, about loving, living and the ability to laugh at oneself in the crazy times of high-technologies…
Textuality Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Textuality HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Pompea @ 23-Jul-2014 01:46 Report a spam

Well i can say that if you are looking for a quiet evening during watching a pleasant movie which doesn’t requires any deep thinking about the plot, or doesn’t have too intellectual things about it, than this movie is exactly the one, as while watching it you will feel relaxation and in some moments you will worry for the heroes of course, but not for too long.
This movie has a good idea about it, as it shows that the heroes are always in the world of text messages, of sending pictures and being in various social networks, and all this virtual communication is well shown in the row of appearing on the screen pictures, sms and thoughts of the heroes, in a way or another it is a comics. There was a funny moment for me, when Simona was saying bye to all three of her lovers at the same time, though it is not that much of this kind of things in real life. So it is ok for watching.

Betty @ 18-Jul-2014 22:49 Report a spam

It is not a bad movie, it has a simple plot, and in some moments it is very predictable, and of course there is a positive ending ( it is impossible to have a different one in a comedy)- it is a sweet movie made for shrinking evenings in the company of girlfriends. The story of a not young mach who is confused in all bunch of relations ( three of his women we see in the movie, but while he speaks i realize it was a whole bunch of them). But deep down in his soul he is craving for a new and real relationship. And as it usually happens, he finds that by accident when he hit a girl on the bike. While being attracted by Simona who is honest and open minded he doesn’t notice how his women are getting to know each other, become friends and that might result very sad for him. But Simona is not that white and fluffy as she shows to be, she has a list of her own, although she doesn’t lie to her men, they all know about each other, she is just not up to something serious only sex and friendship! Of course at the end of the movie they find true love in each other. I guess it is a banal romantic story.

Roseann @ 18-Jul-2014 00:43 Report a spam

In the first scenes of the movie everything is so cool and alive, and i got the idea that they have found a great thing with appearing links and comments on the screen, it was quite funny! But the gathering of almost ex partners, that was something that almost killed me and put me into a deep shock! How could they do it. One quite mature dork is getting upset and calls his mother, while the other people looking at him start calling other people as well. It was like someone was voicing the text of break up during the call.
I can say that i was yawning a lot while watching it, and probably because my brain was desperate about getting some air! Of course i realize that not everyone is able to do something really good about the job they are doing, but i was expecting it would not be a trash in such a bad meaning of this word! I recommend this movie only to people who are at hospital in a very deep coma, i think they would be the only people in the world who would be able to “Appreciate” this movie.

Linda @ 01-Jul-2014 18:26 Report a spam

Hanging a rom-com plot on crossed wires among couples in a wireless world feels as stale as last year's Christmas cake.

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