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The Amazing Spider-Man
Genre: Action / Adventure / Thriller
Director(s): Marc Webb
Release Date: 03 July 2012
Movie rating: 7.0
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What is the movie The Amazing Spider-Man about?
The Amazing Spider-Man is a sequel of the Superhero American movie, based on the Marvel Comics with the same name. The movie is now in production. It is the fourth film, produced by Columbia Pictures. Peter Parker returns to high-school studies, when the “Spider-Man” is released in theaters on the 3rd of July, 2012. The superhero will be shown coping with human problems of the present world and the crisis of a super-human. A son of a construction worker gets in midst of the fight between the Lizard and the Spider-Man on the Manhattan bridge. Spider man helps the worker to get his son back from this dangerous situation… The nation starts thinking that the Spider-Man maybe a bad guy and nobody wants to help him, when he comes through his crises and is hurting. People really don’t know what to think and the only person to help the Spider-Man, when he needs this, is that construction worker, who knows the superhero is good as he saved his son...
The Amazing Spider-Man Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Amazing Spider-Man HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-Man
Eleonora @ 09-Jul-2014 23:40 Report a spam

Today i finally saw the new Spider Man, and first of all i should say that i felt myself really old, because movie producers keep refilming movies that i saw when i was a child, and it felt that it was not that much ago, until this movie.
The special effects, lots of humor i liked all of those things, but most of all uncle Ben, his performance was at the highest possible level! I can surely say that he is not done with his experience! The other good thing about the movie was the presence of Sally Field, she did great! The subject was a bit not clear, too many things were not taken into consideration. Peter Parker has shown himself from a bit different side in the moment when his friend was dying but he didn’t even tried to help him, as he didn’t know for sure whether his blood will kill him or not, he would die anyway from the disease, so it was worth trying. The other great thing i loved in the movie were the special effects, they were very captivating, especially while seeing them in 3D! Everything seemed to be so real! I highly advise everyone to enjoy this movie!!

Junior @ 09-Jul-2014 05:14 Report a spam

The bad weather and the rain has brought us to the cinema, there were not that many options to choose from that is why we decided to choose this movie. I remember the cartoons about it, eventually i chose it, as it reminded me of my childhood! I can easily say that i enjoyed this movie very much, and my girlfriend also loved it! i had this amazing feeling of satisfaction when as soon as you get out of the cinema you want to discuss the movie with your soulmate! Yeah this part really differs from the previous ones, but this is the part that opens up why Peter Parker has become a spiderman. Here i could see not only a positive hero, but also a difficult teenager who was acting in his own interests first of all! I would even say that this movie is an adventure-psychological one. I was very happy with the actors, in this part i liked the staff much more than in previous ones. I loved how Emma Stone has changed, now she is popular and gets a lot of roles, but there were times when she was absolutely different.

Ida @ 08-Jul-2014 05:51 Report a spam

In general i can say that the majority of actors have done their job quite well, they have showed the emotions of their characters but they didn’t revealed them till the end, maybe it is simply the scenario, or the movie director haven’t done its job properly. Or maybe i am just used to previous actors of the movie. There were a lot of funny moments in the movie, like for example the one with the alarm clock, or the one with fearing of the knife, but unfortunately there were not much of this moments, i think this is another minus of the movie.
As a conclusion i can say that this movie worths being seen but only in order to compare it with the original. In this one there is more science mixed with reality, high tech processes and so on. In the original version there was not much of it. The other important thing is that in the first few movies Peter never stopped helping people and never was able to forget about Mary Jane.

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