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The Art of the Steal
Genre: Comedy / Crime
Director(s): Jonathan Sobol
Release Date: 20 June 2014
Movie rating: 6.3
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What is the movie The Art of the Steal about?
Kurt Russell is back at it one more time in a comedy crime movie in which he plays Crunch Calhoun, a motorcycle daredevil who was an art-thief back in the day. His brother Nicky, played by Matt Dillon, manages to influence his reasoning and he agrees on one final heist, the target is an art gallery. Crunch reassembles his old team of seasoned thieves for one final lucrative art theft. Everyone has his own agenda and it seems as if everyone is working against one another. They all have their own views on what should be done and the plan goes awry. Comedy parts are well thought out and they will draw out plenty of laughs, and the rest of the movie is done exceptionally well. Fans of heist movies will definitely love this one, it has everything a good heist comedy needs, excellent acting, twists and turns, and some morals worth learning. There is an element of betrayal and trust in the movie, and it is interesting to see how the characters respond to the people around them as well as their surrounding. This movie definitely fulfills the promise of the genre, it is funny, has an interesting plot with a nice twist and a good ending. It should definitely be checked out by those who are looking for a relaxing way to spend a movie night.
The Art of the Steal Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Art of the Steal HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Art of the StealThe Art of the StealThe Art of the StealThe Art of the StealThe Art of the StealThe Art of the StealThe Art of the StealThe Art of the StealThe Art of the StealThe Art of the Steal
Onelia @ 29-Jul-2014 20:05 Report a spam

I can say that it is a very intelligent movie with a interesting twist, and the best thing about this movie is the fact that the actors who performed in it, were really good, it was very pleasant for me to watch their performance. The subject line was developing around stealing the original paintings in attempt to make copies from them and sell them as original ones. The first attempt to do it, has become a failure that lead the heroes to prison. Kurt Russell performed the role of the guy, who realized that the most important thing in this life is trusting, he trusted people who were stealing paintings with him, until the moment than one of them has betrayed him, and the worst thing, is that this person was his own brother- who did it in exchange of his own freedom. Gosh i think if that was my brother i would have killed him! After years, Kurt is being released from prison for the good behavior and he starts leading a simple life, until one point. The end of the movie has become not bad at all, that is why i recommend it to everyone.

Gemma @ 29-Jul-2014 19:24 Report a spam

I can say that it is a not bad criminal comedy with a rare appearing on the screen Kurt Russell ( i guess lately i haven’t seen him on the screen at all) and with Matt Dillon (he is not lucky to get a nice role in the epic meaning of the word). The actors perform two brothers, who are not very good with the family morality and this way, they are up to setting up each other. Kurt Russell has performed the role of the professional biker who is a professional stealer of museum treasures, mostly paintings. His brother is a simple fraudster, with no specific talents, but a very smart one. After a not a successful stealing in Poland he got into the police, there in order to get a smaller amount of time spent in the prison he decides to set up his own brother. Eventually his brother Crunch got a bit “upset” especially considering the fact that sitting in the Polish prison means not the same thing as sitting in the American (it is much harder). I cannot say it is the best action movie ever, but with a couple of beers it is not bad at all.

Lika @ 29-Jul-2014 17:49 Report a spam

I can say that this movie might look like funny only in the case if you would smoke some weed before it, or anything else of that kind. And at the same time you will stop dreaming about killing with a baseball stick the creators of this “masterpiece” for killing a few hours of your time. So the subject of the plot: a few guys decide to steal a few objects of art which were created by such artists as Leonardo da Vinci, and Van Gog ( because on the black market they worth like a fortune). The problem is that all of them have tried to trick each other in order to get all the price for goods stolen only for themselves. I can say that things in this movie have been predictable to me since the first few minutes that i saw it. It is a typical prison novel, action of which is developing very slowly- while taking into consideration the intellectual retarders of the people who will get to watch it.In some places in order to laugh were inserted jokes. I think the authors of the plot should better find another job for themselves, such as for example cleaning someone’s shoes.

Allan @ 05-Jul-2014 13:08 Report a spam

An appealing cast almost make the difference to this film, a sloppy half-hearted caper that never seems to break sweat.

Cesar Sándor @ 05-Jul-2014 13:07 Report a spam

I have really-really enjoyed this one. It has enough twists and turns to keep you hooked till the end and delivers a nice sense of humor throughout the whole movie. Yes, maybe the movie did try a bit too much to be a type of Guy Ritchie meets Ocean's Eleven, but I wouldn't necessarily say that's bad, and I wouldn't say it failed at it either. Bottom line, if you are considering watching it don't think it over too much, go for it and enjoy it, I guarantee it'll have you hooked into the first 10 minutes.

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