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The Green Inferno
Released: 2014-09-05
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The Big Bang Theory
Director(s): Mark Cendrowski
Release Date: 23 September 2007
Movie rating: 8.3
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What is the movie The Big Bang Theory about?
It is so much fun watching a bunch of nerds going through life and many many comical situations. The Big Bang Theory is a TV show that will remain stuck in your head as one of the clever shows, directed by Chuck Lorre. The main stars are Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg, Melissa Rauch... When you live in the laboratory and your room, it is highly likely that you are not familiar with what happens in the real world. That is what happened to Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz, Raj Koothrappali... The amazing fact is that this show has been aired through 172 episodes, starting back in 2007, and the plan is to be aired in 2016 and maybe even later. There are so many stories to be told, and in some of the most interesting ones you can often find Sheldon. He is very clever, it seems the most intelligent of them all, but somehow he is not familiar with real life, and finds it hard to communicate with girls... That is only one of the reasons why he keeps getting into trouble and comical situations. Leonard is trying really hard to start a relationship with Penny, who is very attractive and it is obvious that she is not his league, or maybe the other way around. You get the point.
The Big Bang Theory Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Big Bang Theory HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang Theory
Montoya @ 26-Jul-2014 11:58 Report a spam

This movie has amazed me first of all by its great humor. If comparing it with such pearls in the world of TV shows as “House” or “Dexter” or “Desperate housewives” or “How i met your mother than i should say that it is clearly outstanding from all this huge list, with its very good position! First of all i should say that phrases in it, are simply hilarious, i still use the majority of them on almost daily basis. The subject line is not predictable at all. The performance of the actors is uniques and very good. The correlation between the subject moves, there is no stretched plot as in Santa Barbara. It is clearly seen that there was no economy of budget during filming it! There is a good portion of love, vulgar jokes and specific humor in the movie, and i should underline that this TV show is perfect for young people, especially ones who are graduating the university and who live or ever lived in campus. It is definitely worth watching it if you want to laugh a bit and forget about everything around for some time.

Lirienne @ 26-Jul-2014 07:29 Report a spam

Not a long time ago i found out about the comedy show on the television “The big bang theory”, i cannot say that i am the type of person who likes TV shows, but i already saw three seasons of the show and will definitely watch more of the episodes. i really liked it! One episode is not longer than twenty minutes but it makes my mood so much better. This show is about the life of two physicians (Leonard and Sheldon) and about their friends. But you should watch it yourself. It is captivating since the first episode. As far as i know there are six or seven season of it, and i already feel sorry for the fact that soon i will have to say bye to my favorite heroes. Their humor in the show is hilarious. Usually in TV shows the humor is more irritating than funny, but this one rocks! And lets not forget the fact that when we laugh we make our life longer, due to which show i made my life longer with not less than five years for sure, that is why i suggest it to everyone, watch it and enjoy your laughing time.

Willard @ 26-Jul-2014 00:30 Report a spam

When i was choosing what new TV show to watch, i read a bunch of reviews where people were exclaiming how thrilled they are by this show. And also i wa advised by my friend to watch it, she said “It is the only TV show that i ever watched, it really is a great one”. The first three episodes i kept tolerating as i was waiting when i will finally see something smart or funny. On the fourth episode by wonderful patience was over,i could not stand it anymore, and simply closed the link. The humor in it is purely stupid. And a lot of things are being said by it. There are a lot of vulgar things in the movie that make you yawn instead of laughing. There is nothing smart in it. It was an attempt to make something smart and funny, but it looked more like a parody. The only thing i i am sad about, is the time that i have lost while watching this obvious psycho crap!!!

Mark @ 07-Jul-2014 16:05 Report a spam

When watching these series I was wondering if this is what comedy for smart people supposed to be? I didn’t find anything even slightly funny about this show. I am a geeky physics student myself, yet, I have nothing in common with any of the characters or the things they say. Many of the jokes, and I use the term 'joke' loosely, may be smart but lack any humor. The leading character Sheldon is simply rude and offensive and I wouldn’t tolerate if he spoke to me the way he speaks to others. To my mind he is just annoying. Maybe this is me and it is the big joke I am missing, but I don’t find any of the behavior or case brought up in this show funny. Is his rude and ignorant behavior supposed to be funny? Well, maybe it's just me, but I don't get this show. It is boring!

Scott @ 07-Jul-2014 16:02 Report a spam

Finally, a real show about us has been created! The show is brilliantly written, the cast is fantastic, I was laughing throughout the entire show. In this show even particle physics are funny. For those, who are not aware of the humor in the present sitcom, need to know that the show contains lots of scrubs humor and characters from the hospital and laboratory. Fr me these series are not enough as I always want more of such a sparkling humor. I found out about these series form my friend and have never seen a funniest show ever. The promotion f these series is very weak and this is very bad for such a great show, a big loss from the part of guys, who were supposed to promote it in mass media. The characters of the film are believable, though you may find tem exaggerated at first. The characters shown in the movie show every segment of our present population. Get to watch this show and take your friends, you will have a great laugh!

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