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The Change-Up
Genre: Action
Director(s): David Dobkin
Release Date: 05 August 2011
Movie rating: 6.3
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What is the movie The Change-Up about?
In their childhood Mitch and Dave were inseparable friends. However, with time their roads split. Dave has become a successful lawyer and a model family man. Mitch has remained a convinced bachelor and lady-killer. He thinks his friend everything one can only desire: a beautiful wife, Jamie, loving children and a prestigious job. At the same time, Dave sees Mitch’s carefree life as a fairy tale, where Mitch smokes marijuana during the day time and spends his nights in the company of beautiful women. However, one day the lives of two friends turn upside down: Mitch becomes Dave and Dave is in Mitch’s shoes. Mitch has to take care of three Dave’s children and take his work. A big deal is very close, and his friend’s carrier depends on it, but Mitch has no single idea in this matters. The situation is getting worse when a charming Dave’s colleague, Sabrina doesn’t leave Mitch alone. An old Mitch would do everything to spend time with this girl; the problem is that an ideal husband and dad, Dave is living in his body at the moment, who cannot relax even for a moment. Friends understand very soon that the reality is not that bright as their fancies are. The main characters will need to try hard to come back to normal and not destroy each other’s lives once and for all…
The Change-Up Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Change-Up HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Change-UpThe Change-UpThe Change-UpThe Change-UpThe Change-UpThe Change-UpThe Change-UpThe Change-UpThe Change-UpThe Change-Up
Cindy @ 27-Jun-2014 21:07 Report a spam

In the childhood Mitch and Dave were very good friends, but in time their ways have split, Dave has become a successful lawyer and very good family man, while his friend mitch stayed a bachelor and a heartbreaker. He thought that his friend had everything a person can ever dream of, wonderful wife Jamie, loving children and cool job, while Dave thought Mitch’s life was more than amazing and was craving for kt. So one day their lives changed, as they switched bodies, and this way got the unique chance to live each other’s lives. Mitch had to take care of three children and Dave’s job, while there was a contract he was supposed to sign with a large company, while Mitch didn’t had a clue of how to do it, and the situation got only worse as soon as he saw the lovely assistant Sabrina. The old Mitch would have done everything in order to sleep with this girl,the only problem was his body was taken by Dave who is a family man and loves his wife. Soon both friends realize that their reality is not that fun as they imagined it.

Sharon @ 25-Jun-2014 10:44 Report a spam

I saw this movie by accident, honestly speaking i haven’t felt any special wish to see it, simply looked for some comedy to kill time in the evening after work while cooking and waiting for my hubby. i can say that the subject i have seen in many movies before this one, the change of bodies is already something usual. But i would like to say a few words about actors, Jason Bateman was really good and made my mood much better, i can say that he is great in comedy genre, while Ryan Reynolds, mmm for some reason i think that he is better while playing serious roles, so in this comedy he didn’t impress me, though was funny in a variety of moments. Olivia Wilde was gorgeous as usual, even though she played the role of ordinary assistant, but she is the only woman in the world who is able to play this role with such a descence.
the only huge minus i found abt the movie were the plenty of jokes on the sexual theme, there were too many of them, sometimes i even felt myself awkward, though i am thirty years old and know everything on my own experience.

Emma @ 09-Jun-2014 21:16 Report a spam

Well I had to “kill” with something a few hours of my time that is why I started searching for a fun movie to see. This movie I spotted by accident, and decided to see it. I can say that I loved the idea right from the beginning, the humor was pretty amazing, not intrusive, and at the same time not very heavy. The performance of the actors made me smile; I can say that they have done their job at the highest possible level! I love everything about this movie, as everything is exactly in the quantities needed. When you look at this movie you forget about everything, relax and simply enjoy what you see. I am a very positive girl by my nature that is why for me this movie became one of my favorite ones, I can recommend it for people who know how to take only the best things from life, while too serious people probably would not be able to enjoy the movie, or truly laugh about it, as this is what life is about, laughing and enjoying each moment

Boyd @ 07-Jun-2014 15:33 Report a spam

If you are a comedy lover, than you need to really watch this one! If you are fond of Ryan Reynolds or Jason Bateman, then you do not want to miss out this movie! The movie was a great surprise for me since I didn’t have many great expectations about it. This film was much more fun than many of the movies released at cinemas in 2011. This movie steps out of the bonds and speaks to the audience of 20-50 years old. The movie is just about their lives. If you want to have a great love and not expecting any plot-twist you need to watch this film!

Amanda @ 07-Jun-2014 15:06 Report a spam

It is a movie that somehow leaves itself twisting in the mind. What should have been a great adaption of a great novel turns into an adequate film with adequate acting from Emma Stone.

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