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The Craigslist Killer
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Director(s): Stephen T. Kay
Release Date: 02 January 2011
Movie rating: 5.3
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What is the movie The Craigslist Killer about?
“The Craigslist Killer” is a film based on the real-life case. The movie shows the story of a Boston medical student Phillip Markoff, played by Jake McDorman, who is planning his future medical carrier with his bride to be Megan McAlliser, played by Agnes Bruckner. Their relationship is full of romance and they have great expectations for the idyllic life. The viewer cannot see anything ill-omened in the situation. One day Phillip gets on the Craigslist site to hook up a girl. There he gets acquainted with a masseuse, Julissa Brisman, in the “erotic service” section… Soon the police discover that the murder of Julissa Brisman and several other attacks on women are all connected to the advertisements placed on Craigslist site. Their further investigation brings them to Markoff. In April 2009 he was charged with the murder of masseuse and also alleged with the robbery of other women.
The Craigslist Killer Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Craigslist Killer HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Craigslist KillerThe Craigslist KillerThe Craigslist KillerThe Craigslist KillerThe Craigslist KillerThe Craigslist KillerThe Craigslist KillerThe Craigslist KillerThe Craigslist KillerThe Craigslist Killer
Jill @ 27-Jun-2014 22:32 Report a spam

Hmm, who would have thought that specifically this young man ( i mean the main character Philip Markoff) would be able to do such a terrible thing as killing people?! During the movie i kept thinking that the killer is every other person, everyone excluding him, and i am very sorry for the fact that i was wrong, as it became such a big shock for me knowing that he was able to do something like this, i felt so good about him, i thought he was the nice guy who kept struggling for the good things, and he really was the best example for every student in the university, who could have thought that he is such a lying bastard! I feel ashamed for his parents as well, as they were supposed to be the first people in his life to understand that he is sick and needs some medication. I think people like him deserve no mercy and are supposed to be killed without any court procedure. They do not deserve a second chance, not even a half of it, for all the pain they created.

Monti @ 27-Jun-2014 22:02 Report a spam

Ugh, i hate this Philip Markoff, what is wrong with him, how he could possibly do something like that especially considering the fact that he is one of those people who are supposed to save lives, instead of wasting them. For me it is difficult to watch people dying in some movies, especially if they are the main characters, not to mention how difficult it is to see that someone of my close friends might die, or something like that. That is why i find it so hard to believe that someone can harm another person in purpose, and look at the suffering of this person without having any emotions about it. I cannot explain how devastated i feel after watching this movie, and the worst thing is that i am not able to do anything in order to change the situation. I hope that this movie will not become a gratuity book for people who would like to do same things in their life.

Emily @ 25-Jun-2014 12:21 Report a spam

Awe my God it is one of the freakiest movies i have ever seen. Here i saw a portrait of a real serial killer, because usually they are not some bad people in their real life. Usually they lead a very stable and down to Earth lifestyle, and usually they are the type of people whom you would suspect in the last possible case for doing something bad, and this movie is a very good prove of what i am saying. I used to work as a masseuse when i was at college, as life was pretty hard and i needed a job in order to be able to carry on my expenses, that is why this situation is very close to me, i can easily imagine myself on the place of the girl he killed the first time. And i am sure that he is not the only person who did something like that, he was the only one who was caught, but for sure not the only one who did that. I am very sorry for the parents who lost their children because of this man, the movie is based on true story, so i do understand how hard for them was to go through it, and how hard it will be for them to watch this movie.

Juan Woodson @ 22-Jun-2014 20:45 Report a spam

The film is worth a watch. A well-made true to life murder movie tragedy. This is a lifetime film about the Craigslist killer; it has well cast and well-acted with a believable and likable cast. The screenplay is well-written and shows what you really want to see. The story line is so interesting that the movie is fascinating to watch. Jake McDorman looks suitably wholesome as the medical student with a dark side with a promising future. The escalation of his obsession is frightening to follow. Agnes Bruckner acts quite good as the girlfriend, who had no idea she was living with a killer. The needless self-destruction and insane obsession that led to killing is quite tragic.

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