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Released: 2014-08-01
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Night Moves
Released: 2014-05-30
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The Art of the Steal
Released: 2014-06-20
The Immigrant
Genre: Drama / Mystery / Romance / Thriller
Director(s): James Gray
Release Date: 02 May 2014
Movie rating: 6.6
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What is the movie The Immigrant about?
The American dream has always been alluring to the people living in developing countries, especially during the period between two world wars. The Immigrant focuses on two girls who sail to New York from their native Poland. Two girls, Ewa and her sister Magda arrive at the Ellis Island, but the doctors soon find out that Magda is ill and the two sisters get separated due to one of them being taken to quarantine. Ewa gets out in the streets of Manhattan and is left alone with nowhere to go. Ewa misses her sister and wants to get reunited with her and as such becomes an easy pray to a charming man Bruno who forces her into prostitution. Bruno promises to secure Magda's release but he needs Ewa to earn the money needed for the release, and thus begins her work as the lady of the night. Bruno and his cousin Emil both fall in love with Ewa, and the movie unfolds around that love triangle. Leading actors put out a magnificent performance and the whole movie seems to be done in plenty of details, costumes and sets are gorgeous and they bring to life the USA of the 1920s. The Immigrant is an emotional movie, it focuses on the deepest human emotions such as lust, love, greed and the ever lasting battle between good and evil. Viewers must not expect a predictable movie, they should let the movie take them into its world and enjoy everything it has to offer.
The Immigrant Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Immigrant HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Berta @ 19-Jul-2014 08:18 Report a spam

I can easily say that the scenario to this movie is a not ordinary one at all! because at the beginning of the movie is developed story of love, for more than a half of the movie, and after it suddenly this story is being forgotten, how come?! How could they do something like that i feel disappointed. As a result i didn’t understand why certain actors were performing in this movie at all?!
My conclusion that it is a quite boring drama that is worth being seen only if you highly appreciate the talent of sme actor, but that’s pretty much it! I cannot say that this movie was a long awaited for me, but i can say that this movie has brought interest towards it much earlier than the day it was released! Marion Cotillard is maybe not the best actress in the world, but she certainly is one of the most beautiful women in the modern cinema. So watching her performance is very pleasant from the esthetical point of view in the first place! But this movie unfortunately is an exception i guess.

Onelia @ 19-Jul-2014 07:16 Report a spam

Mmm for me it is very difficult to write this review as i have never done anything like that in my entire life. The main thing for me about this movie is that no matter how hard i tried i still was not able to understand the meaning of it. But it doesn’t really matter because anyway i liked it a lot! The light in the movie was all the time not intensive, that was making the house look more mysterious. And of course the hypnotic track performed by Tilda Swinton who was during the entire movie holding the hand of her depressive genius lover.Only by the end of the movie i made an impression about it, is same as i was offered a candy which was same size as a huge bread. I got a almost physical pleasure from the movie. As about the plot, who cares about the plot?! The famous movie director has allowed us to enter his dream, not for us complaining about something, but in order to get amazed by it. This movie is not for boring people, it is for creative ones, who know how to live their life!

Amy @ 18-Jul-2014 07:19 Report a spam

This movie has become a real disappointment, and most of all due to the scenario. Probably it is the only but biggest minus. As about the rest i should say it is hard to find something wrong. Cotillard and Phoenix have done a great job while performing in this movie, they both did just great, and have created a very dramatic and real atmosphere that was making me once again feeling bad for the main hero. That is why i am so irritated by the fact that the scenario has not been properly done. Probably due to this thing tomorrow i will completely forget about this movie and will never remember about it again. And it is a great shame considering the two wonderful actors who did their best while performing in it! for me it is a big puzzle how did they manage to get Jeremy Renner into the movie? I am following his carrier and right now he is on the peak of his fame. But his role in this movie is very disappointing! Anyway, guys i do not advise you to watch this movie as there will be a very irritated mood after watching it!

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