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The Message
Genre: Adventure / Biography / Drama / History / War
Director(s): Moustapha Akkad
Release Date: 09 March 1977
Movie rating: 8.3
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What is the movie The Message about?
This 1976 film, also known as “Mohammad, Messenger of God” tells the tale of the birth and subsequent rise of Islam. It stars Anthony Quinn and Irene Papas (in the English language version; an Arabic version – filmed simultaneously - featured an all Arabic cast), and was directed by Al Akkad. It starts off with the beginnings of Islam in Mecca, the prosecutions of Muslims and their subsequent exodus to Medina, ending with their triumphant return to Medina. Out of respect towards the beliefs of Islam, neither Mohammad nor the closest members of his family and the first caliphs are depicted in the film. Because of this, the director had to come up with a number of creative ways to circumvent the appearance of the de facto main protagonist. Two of the people with the most screen time are Mohammad’s uncle Hamza (Anthony Quinn) and his adopted son Zayd (Damien Thomas). Before the filming even began, the director consulted a number of Islamic clerics in order to ensure that the depiction of events surrounding the birth of Islam remains respectful. He got support from a number of Islamic countries’ governments, but some of them were still offended by the contents of the film. This put the movie production in a sort of a diplomatic limbo, with funds being withdrawn and filming locations canceled, but ultimately it was filmed over the course of a year in Morocco and Libya. Reconstruction of the historical cities of Mecca and Medina took up nearly half of the production. Due to its subject, the film was a source of controversy upon its release, with many Islamic groups calling for its boycott and cancelation.
The Message Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Message HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The MessageThe MessageThe MessageThe MessageThe MessageThe MessageThe MessageThe MessageThe MessageThe Message
Eldora Steele @ 01-Sep-2014 12:50 Report a spam

The message is one of the greatest and most under rated movies in the history of film making, the only reason it didn’t win awards or didn’t get the reputation of the other great movies is because it's about the birth of Islam – a religion not really loved by the media.

Tyler Gergely @ 01-Sep-2014 12:48 Report a spam

This is a truly excellent movie. It is quite long, but has a beautiful score and engaging story.. Anthony Quinn is terrific.. The movie also provides a short overview of the early years of Islam and the story of its prophet Mohammad.

Alisa Hermansen @ 24-Aug-2014 18:20 Report a spam

The sad part about this movie is that some Islamic extremists engaged in some terror attacks in protest of the film -- protesting that one should never show the likeness of Mohammed, Islam's tenets deeming it blasphemous. They never bothered to find out that the film didn't show him at all.

Peggie Beedle @ 24-Aug-2014 18:19 Report a spam

The movie is about the birth of Islam in the 6th century.
Moustapha Akkad did a great job with this picture. The locations where very good, good actors, beautiful photographed by Jack Hildyard and the beautiful music who was conducted by Maurice Jarre!! I must say the music in this movie is one of the best film scores in the film history!!

Ben @ 24-Aug-2014 18:18 Report a spam

The acting is fantastic, the music is good (won an academy award), and the cinematography, filmed in Morocco and Libya, is beautiful. Costumes are cool, and there's a few scenes with a set of ancient bagpipes for you Celtic history buffs.

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