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The Pirate Fairy
Genre: Animation / Fantasy
Director(s): Peggy Holmes
Release Date: 01 April 2014
Movie rating: 6.6
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What is the movie The Pirate Fairy about?
Disney has been proving time and time again that when it comes to children's animated movies there is no one better. When ever a Disney studio produces an animated movie everything is top-notch, from the voice acting, over animation to the music. The same can be said about The Pirate Fairy. The story centers around our favorite pixie Tinker Bell and her friends. Dust-keeper fairy Zarina steals Pixie Hollow's important Blue Pixie Dust and flies away to join the forces of the pirates of Skull Rock. Tinker Bell and her friends embark upon a journey to find Zarina and return the Blue Pixie Dust. During their journey Tinker Bell and her friends find out that their talents have been switched and now they are in a race with time to find the missing Blue Pixie Dust and return it in order to save their home. Like most of Disney movies, this one focuses on importance of friendship, the message is clear, never turn your back on friends. It is done in the typical Disney fashion we have all came to love and adore and the movie does not disappoint. Even tho Zarina let her friends down, they are not even thinking about doing the same to her. Animation is gorgeous and the CGI looks wonderful, the voice actors did an excellent job and this movie is sure to be loved by plenty of kids around the world. Even those who are not kids any more will find something to like in The Pirate Fairy.
The Pirate Fairy Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Pirate Fairy HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Pirate FairyThe Pirate FairyThe Pirate FairyThe Pirate FairyThe Pirate FairyThe Pirate FairyThe Pirate FairyThe Pirate FairyThe Pirate FairyThe Pirate Fairy
Iowa @ 31-Jul-2014 08:19 Report a spam

My son as soon as he saw the advertising of this cartoon on the TV set kept begging me to go to the cinema with him in order to see it. He was begging me for one week, and i finally gave up. All the previous parts about fairies we saw at home, and i can say that the majority of them he watched without attention, with no interest ( especially in comparison with me ))). I love this kind of cartoons as they are kind and cute, and they teach children to help their friends. In general i can say that the first thing that has attracted my child were the pirated! That is why i didn’t regretted the fact that we saw it in the cinema.
I can say that we liked the fact that the cartoon has a variety of bright colors which in the big screen are even more pleasant to watch! This way we were not able to distract the attention from the screen during the cartoon, i can say that there were a lot of moments that made me feel vulnerable. And through all of those moments we were going through with the entire family, my husband liked it as well, although he mentioned that it is a girly cartoon.

Cristian @ 30-Jul-2014 22:35 Report a spam

Who doesn’t like stories about magic creatures? Personally i love them, though i watch them not very often, but not a long time ago i was looking for a cartoon for my little daughter (something light, kind and not very heavy). And i can say that i loved the option that i have chosen! I can surely say that it is a wonderful cartoon, that is very sweet! Should i recommend it or not? What can i say? Yes!!!!! I do not simply recommend it, but i insist on my advise to watch it! Children and adults! I watched it with my entire family, and though my husband is not a big fan of cartoons he was simply amazed, same as I! You need to watch “The pirate fairy” and i am sure you will be impressed by it same as I! There is everything in it- friendship, responsibility, kindness, loyalty, magics and real beauty. Fairies are acting same as people, the only difference is that they are perfect, no sins at all! Check it out and may your watching of this video be a very pleasant one!

Gracie @ 30-Jul-2014 18:22 Report a spam

I love Disney cartoons, but most of all i enjoy the episodes about fey. No matter the fact that i am already twenty years old i still watch cartoons, , yes, that’s right, i still do. I was waiting for a very long time a good quality in the internet, as i didn’t had the possibility to go to the cinema, and finally i got the miracle i was waiting for so long! In the cartoon appears a new hero, with the name Zarina who is interested with flowers, and everything that has to do with flowers. At the first glance i had the opinion that it was created in order to replace the main hero Tinkerbell, that is why i was so happy to see that my favorite hero has stayed around the main heroes. The subject line is not a very difficult one, and it is easy to guess what will happen in the next five minutes, but still it is a cartoon. The most important thing in the nowadays cartoons are the bright colors, dynamics. Because children in the first place turn their attention upon the picture. I enjoyed this cartoon very much, it is very kind, naive and sweet, that is why i recommend it to all the people who like cartoons.

Coralie Várady @ 02-Jul-2014 13:26 Report a spam

I think that in early 2014 The Tinker Bell Universe has got another great addition to its collection. This Disney Toon kids’ film did not make me regret spending my sleeping time in front of the computer screen. I need to confess that after my hard working day I was struggling with the desire to sleep getting back home form work. “The Pirate Fairy” was a good choice when you seek for light entertainment. I believe that most anyone will enjoy this movie due to its pretty animation, beautiful colors, and fairies with "superpowers". And I certainly enjoyed it. It is a good thing the duration is not that long too.
I think this movie deserves a strong seven if compare it to other direct-to-video films, because it gave me a positive mood after I was done watching.

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