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The Smurfs
Director(s): Raja Gosnell
Release Date: 24 July 2011
Movie rating: 5.5
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What is the movie The Smurfs about?
The movie The Smurfs is based on the homonymous comic book and represents a family film in 3D. Getting ready for the Blue Moon festival, Papa Smurf sees the vision in which an evil wizard, Gargamel, is very powerful and all the Smurfs are in the cages. When Gargamel follows the Clumsy to the village, all Smurfs flee and some of them get into the forbidden cave, thus finding themselves not in their magic world, but our real one, namely in one of the parks of New York city. Now the little Smurfs are to find their way back home and not to get into the evil Gargamel’s hands…
The Smurfs Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any The Smurfs HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
The SmurfsThe SmurfsThe SmurfsThe SmurfsThe SmurfsThe SmurfsThe SmurfsThe SmurfsThe SmurfsThe Smurfs
Alex @ 02-Aug-2014 11:48 Report a spam

I really wanted to see the story about the blue little fairies, because from my childhood, i got a few smurf toys, which i got from Kinder Surprise. It is a kind story and at the same time fairy tale. There is a magic forest in the story, and nice gnomes. This movie is as usually about kindness that is beating the bad things.
The biggest plus of the movie is its interesting subject, the funny scenes and dialogues, the great comprise of animation and regular movie. People and magic creatures are meeting each other by accident, but for ones, and for the others it is an important lesson and a great twist in the fate of people.
I think the adult people would be not less interested in this movie than their children due to the bright picture. There are no wars, guns, fights and explosions, there is only the blue moon, and the smurf fairy story. I recommend it for watching in the family. And i can say that it will be a great pleasure to watch its second part!

Libby @ 02-Aug-2014 02:14 Report a spam

I watch the modern cartoons with great pleasure! And it doesn’t matter for me where they were produced! As a rule humor in them is made mostly for the adults, while the picture and animation for the kids. And of course it is a pleasure for each person to be a kid in the soul! That is why i was so happy to see the release of the Smurfs, i was counting on my own portion of pleasure due to watching those positive joyful blue creatures. But unfortunately that was not the case! I could not resist even half of the movie, as i haven’t ever seen such a crap in my entire life! It was boring, and nothing not simply to laugh at, but nothing to smile upon! And i was irritated by the continuous “smurf” adds to all words in the movie, it was overreacting, seriously! I cannot remember any hideous cartoon as this one at all! And yeap, the heroes! They were a nightmare when they were staring, and the Gargamel looked crazy as well! Well i guess i made a mistake by choosing this “masterpiece” for watching!

Leila @ 01-Aug-2014 03:36 Report a spam

I went to see this movie to the cinema with my sister, and not in order to have fun upon the little blue creatures, but only because i am a fan of them, and in my childhood i even had a collection of them. I cannot describe how big was my disappointment! and i am wondering who made it so bad?! The stupid couple who according to the plot got those cute blue smurfs? With the help of which casting they have found such an actress who is clearly suffering from the Down syndrome?! And she was also very pregnant which was not an issue for her in the moments when she was running and jumping like a crazy squirrel. There could have been made such a great movie, there are so many interesting and funny stories that smurfs can tell and show!! The only hero except the smurfs that was not disgusting to me was the cat! I think the movie was too long and boring! And even kids were not very pleased by it. I can say that it would have been better if they made a cartoon. for sure, so don’t waste time on it.

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