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Released: 2014-09-26
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Wish I Was Here
Wish I Was Here
Released: 2014-07-25
Third Person
Genre: Drama / Romance
Director(s): Paul Haggis
Release Date: 30 April 2014
Movie rating: 6.3
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What is the movie Third Person about?
“Third Person” is a recent drama with some elements of romance directed by Paul Haggis, the winner of Best Picture at the Oscars with his other masterpiece – “Crash”. Stellar cast and intriguing scenery make this movie stand out of the list of new films. “Third Person” tells three love stories that are somehow interwoven. It is worth noting that all the three of them feature unrelatable caricatures. Liam Neeson plays a Pulitzer-prize winner author who is absorbed by his inspiration and has a habit of smoking cigarettes in darkness. When his muse leaves him alone he slams his Macbook ferociously. Ideas don’t seem to flow to him and he feels desperate. Olivia Wilde’s character is quiet pleasant, though she is emotionally detached, kind of like a single-in-the-city gal. James Franco is an artist; he lives in his own world and nothing really bothers him. His family is very wealthy and they live in New York. Adrian Brody plays the role of an America living in Rome. He doesn’t favor culture and earns his living by means of stealing. All the characters perform in the framework of a love-fight-love-fight scheme, though it does draw spectators’ attention.
Third Person Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Third Person HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Third PersonThird PersonThird PersonThird PersonThird PersonThird PersonThird PersonThird PersonThird PersonThird Person
Rosa @ 27-Jun-2014 22:17 Report a spam

It is a great movie, with a very interesting plot. Honestly speaking i don't really like watching movies in which there are too many famous actors, as usually they suck, but this one was actually a very good one, probably because it was a drama, and the entire movie was not some fairy tale, but a day to day life of people, and problems they are facing during it. I was very happy to see Olivia Wilde, after seeing her in the "House" TV show she has become one of my favorite actresses! She was raffinated and gorgeous as usually, though her role was not that decent. I believe that getting as a third person into someone's family is a very big sin, and for me it is hard to forgive, or forget something like this. In general i would advise everyone to see this movie, as there are situations in it that might help avoiding some problems in the future.

Peggie @ 27-Jun-2014 21:45 Report a spam

I believe secrets are a perfect way in order to destroy the relationship. Sometimes by means of a secret people are trying to save it, but in reality all the truth always comes out, no matter how hard we try to keep it away. Truth always finds a way in order to come out. In this situation most of all i felt sorry for Julia, as she is the person who suffers for the things she has never done. I am a mother as well, i have a son and a daughter and i cannot even imagine what would i do or feel if something would have happen to them, not to mention any case in which i would be able to harm my child in any possible way, that is crazy. Mila Kunis has performed her part in the best possible way, now i like her as an actress even more than i did before.

Andrea @ 25-Jun-2014 11:46 Report a spam

I think all the normal people in the world hate the third person in a relationship, and i am not an a objection to this rule. Usually those so called "third person" are trying to help out in a relation, but what they really do is messing up everything, and that is exactly what sucks. My friend once tried to "help" me in my relation. The finish result was that i left my boyfriend, because he seemed to me such a bad person and the funny thing is that as soon as i did that she started a relationship with him. What a bi***! So my guess is that no matter what happens in this world we should never rely on someone's opinion, and live with our own one. This movie has showed me many useful things, but the truth is i already learned my lesson a long time ago.

Zeba @ 28-May-2014 15:20 Report a spam

The film director overstates his themes whilst simultaneously overcomplicating his stories for the sake of complication.

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