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Begin Again
Released: 2014-07-04
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Ticking Clock
Genre: Action / Thriller
Director(s): Ernie Barbarash
Release Date: 03 January 2011
Movie rating: 5.3
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What is the movie Ticking Clock about?
An investigating reporter Lewis Hicks (Cuba Gooding, Junior), having a difficult period in his family life – failing marriage, sees the killer at his short time girlfriend, Felicia’s house. The killer followed by Lewis manages to escape, but looses his journal. Hicks opens it and sees the names of the victims who are already dead, among them is Felicia and two names coming after it. He starts his own investigation to trace the killer and prevent two more coming murders. At night the journal is stolen by the killer. The police suspect Lewis Hicks in committing these crimes as he was on the place of last murder and both murders are of the same kind: women are killed and dissected in the same way. The results of his private investigation bring Lewis to an eleven years old boy James from orphanage. The case is very strange; however, the conversation with James will help James to detect who is the real killer in future…
Ticking Clock Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Ticking Clock HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Ticking ClockTicking ClockTicking ClockTicking ClockTicking ClockTicking ClockTicking ClockTicking ClockTicking ClockTicking Clock
Tyler @ 11-Jul-2014 04:16 Report a spam

This movie is not that bad as i previously read in the reviews! I loved the fact that Cuba Gooding performs in it!I think he has done a great job! Especially for the movies of this genre! I was more used to see him in comedies than in this kind of movies that is why i was pleasantly surprised, although i wouldn’t call it the best movie in his career! As a result i can say that it is a not bad thriller, but quite weak for its genre! I think the emotionality of Cuba’s character has saved the atmosphere in the movie. The good thing is after watching it i started thinking about my life whether i live it correctly or not, i simply reconsidered everything which is a very important achievement i guess. That is why i recommend this movie to another people, because if it made me think and change certain things (which eventually lead to a great result), than maybe it can change your life as well! That would be great right? ))

Lucia @ 09-Jul-2014 11:39 Report a spam

Usually this kind of movies make me astonish due to the not ordinary effect they have upon me! In general i can say that the movie is very interesting, the subject has a lot of intrigues and surprises, and the performance of the actors is very good as well. My greatest disappointment about the movie was due to the end of the movie that dismissed all its plusses at the beginning! I think the main thing thing about this movie its subject line- which has an unusual development of the events which are quite close to nonsense! For this kind of movies it is important not to step out of that limit! in order to keep the original idea and not turning it into trash project with stupid ending! Unfortunately the more things were developing on the screen, the more i was disappointed about it! It is a shame to admit that the story that had all the chances to become a cult movie was turned into a trash one! this movie is ok for watching it once.

Barbara @ 08-Jul-2014 23:59 Report a spam

Sometimes while watching the movie i was haunted by the thought that it would be nice to invest some good money into this movie, it could have become something really good. Actually that was the only thought that i had while watching it. The plot is very good. Someone is killing women in a very cruel way, and at the first glance there is no link between all those murders, but certain proves bring the detective who had this case to the the conclusion where this killer is from.It sounds pretty interesting huh? In the first place there were no special effects, so i all the time had the feeling that they had troubles with the financing. In the second place about ten years ago i saw a movie with almost same plot, but it was opened in a better way. And in the third place i didn’t like the end of the movie! So my conclusion that this movie is not bad at all, but it is kinda raw. And from the other side it is ok for watching it once.

Tim @ 14-Jun-2014 21:33 Report a spam

Most of the time the films like this one are rather boring and drag on and on to a lame conclusion. Still, this one is a rare exception. This film had me riveted and second guessing myself all over the place. A very original movie that has a huge twist in it that could have ruined it, but was done so well that it actually helped make the movie better then I was expecting. Very tense in some parts and will keep you hooked until the final frame. A MUST SEE, even for non horror fans. A very original, surprising and enjoyable experience.

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