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Untitled Star Trek Sequel
Genre: Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi
Director(s): J.J. Abrams
Release Date: 10 August 2012
Movie rating: 7.7
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What is the movie Untitled Star Trek Sequel about?
The midlife crisis, happened in Admiral Kirk’s life seemed to be the thing of the paramount significance, however, only till he hadn’t received the message from Ceti Alpha 5 Planet that his old enemy, carving for vengeance, has appeared. Khan is a genetically designed superhuman with a very developed intellect, physical power and ambitions was seen once in the ‘Enterprise’ command, but at that time he and his people, who decided to capture the spaceship, were stopped and as their punishment, they were left on the first planet that came acceptable for living. And now, fifteen years later, Khan managed to escape his forced reclusion. He has the only goal now – to kill Kirk, whom he considers the only person responsible for all his misfortunes. The old confrontation of the two strong personalities now develops on the background of the secret experiments of Terraformation Planet Federation. This time Kirk has to win, no matter what, and he will need to start with the victory over his own ego…
Untitled Star Trek Sequel Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Untitled Star Trek Sequel HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Untitled Star Trek SequelUntitled Star Trek SequelUntitled Star Trek SequelUntitled Star Trek SequelUntitled Star Trek SequelUntitled Star Trek SequelUntitled Star Trek SequelUntitled Star Trek SequelUntitled Star Trek SequelUntitled Star Trek Sequel
Jennie @ 09-Jul-2014 23:48 Report a spam

This movie has reminded me two of my favorite movies in my childhood, “The Star Wars” and “Back to the Future”, i never heard that Star Trek was filmed again, only when i saw the trailer to the sequel i realized i didn’t even saw the first movie, that is why i decided to see it! My husband said i will love it, though i was not that optimistic, and to my great surprise and pleasure i really loved it! The plot is very easy no matter the big mixture of the future and present, but it was easy for me to adjust to it. It was a interesting and very qualitative fantasy movie the one you look at and get rest. Sometimes i was smiling a lot. The actors are good and i loved how good they were doing, although i didn’t know many of them (i am not that good with movies). Probably if i would watch the Star Trek TV show i would love this movie even more, though i wouldn’t want to compare them. But i do not regret for wasting two hours on it. I recommend it to people who love fantasy, and great special effects!

Junior @ 09-Jul-2014 05:23 Report a spam

Hi! i cannot describe how happy i am for the fact that i can advice this movie to people, i can say that no matter how much time has passed it didn’t lose its subject, that is why insist on the fact that everyone needs to watch it! During watching it i can guarantee that there will be no wish to stop watching it even for a small moment. I will not say how qualitative it is and how good are the actors performing in it, as well as how good are the special effects, the only thing i would say that i watched this movie for many times already and still cannot get enough of it! It is a great pleasure for me to watch it, and it doesn’t matter how many times i watched it, i keep watching it, and love it! Of course the decision whether to watch it or not, is up to you guys, but that would be a great sin if you will pass by without watching it, i can say it for sure!

Olivia @ 08-Jul-2014 06:10 Report a spam

This movie is amazing! I can say that i watched the old TV show only in some small parts, for me the real Star Trek has started with the crew of Captain Pickard, although i know very well that this is exactly the show which is supposed to be watched from the beginning and till the end. Well every person is unique and has a way of its own. I liked it most of all because the author was not afraid to film the story of Spock and Kirk in a new way, and the most amazing thing about it is the fact that their past hasn’t been changed at all. It was so cool that i would even say perfect! The actor Anton Eltzin has performed very well, i enjoyed hearing his Russian accent, i think he is so sexy and brutal. I cannot even describe how great is my mood after watching it, probably it is the best movie i have seen in this year, well at least as far as for now! I am wondering whether it will be a sequel to this movie or not, as i would love to see the characters which i started loving already one more time!

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