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Released: 2014-08-01
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Released: 2014-06-21
Genre: Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family
Director(s): Pete Docter
Release Date: 01 January 2009
Movie rating: 8.2
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What is the movie Up about?
Up is a story about a man named Carl Fredrickson who shares a dream of living in South America in a house on Paradise Falls with his wife Ellie. Unfortunately, they both grow old and Ellie dies, leaving Carl alone with the promise of living in South America unfulfilled. Big construction company offers Carl to buy his house, but he won't hear a word of it. Unfortunately, he hits a worker who has damaged his mailbox and is sentenced to move to a retirement home. Carl, being a stubborn man that he is, ties many balloons to his house making it float in order to travel to Paradise Falls. Chubby boy Russell somehow manages to come with Carl on his adventure and together they are off on an adventure which they will never forget. Once again Pixar manages to create a brilliant animated movie which is suited for all the ages. Everyone can enjoy this sweet story, the old and the young. It is amazing to see how dedicated Pixar studios are to making an amazing story driven movie, and Up is exactly that, a sweet story which can be appreciated by everyone. If you haven't seen Up, correct that mistake, watch it with your family or alone, the point stands, you will have fun.
Up Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Up HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Arlene @ 17-Jul-2014 09:24 Report a spam

This cartoon is the saddest cartoon i have ever seen! Although there is a shown a bunch of bright balloons in it, but still there is a sad loneliness and despair hiding behind them! Usually people who are laughing most of all and look very vivid with other people, are very miserable inside themselves! there are a lot of dialogues in the cartoon, and a lot of great adventures! I can say that at the beginning of the cartoon than the old lady has died it was very sad for me to watch it! But later when the adventures have started i was already very happy for them! And the happy end of the carton with titles looking like photo album were amazing! After watching it, i realized once again that Pixar company is creating only masterpieces! They are not simply creating a pretty picture but also are creating a great mood! They are telling the story that is staying for a long time in the heart!
The advertising campaign, and trailer were showing only a positive story, but that was simply some pretty whapping in which the sensitive cartoon was wrapped. And from the beginning of it i already realized that it is not a childish cartoon at all! I sit and cried during the cartoon and after it, i can say that it is the first cartoon that has made me crying in my life! I experienced a whole bunch of emotions, i was laughing and worrying for heroes. I even had the feeling that they were not cartoon heroes but some real people!

Cassie @ 16-Jul-2014 06:32 Report a spam

There are times when i dream that Pixar at least once will create some cartoon for the kids that are not older than eight years old, so later i could discuss those cartoons with my children. While all the cartoons they make are of course awesome, but i think that they are aimed not for children but some older people , at least teenagers.
I am already a bit tired of being enchanted with each new product this company is creating, can they make for some difference something not that good, as i finally want to write some negative review and they give me no chance to do it! All the cartoons they make are great, kids love it, and their parents who like thinking of more serious issues have many things to think of as well. This cartoon is amazing, it is fun, it is kind, it is alive and of course there is a lot of sense in it! The Pixar studio was able to create a mix of childhood dream and mature reality! i really loved it, and hopefully soon i will get the chance to see some more of Pixar production at the cinema, it is about time for them to create something new!

Lynn @ 15-Jul-2014 04:23 Report a spam

Pixar as usually has pleasantly surprised me with its masterpiece! It is very kind, full of distraction cartoon that is very bright but sad in some moments! I think each cartoon they produce deserves the Oscar award, and this one for sure! The main characters are bright, funny and as usually in all the Pixar production it deserves the highest possible rate!There are no similar heroes in the movies which i find to be a great thing, as there is something enchanting in keeping some special things only in cartoons!
The subject line is unusual but so fresh, as it describes all the day to day problems. It deserves the best rating and i can surely say that i will watch this cartoon again, and again and again! My recomendation about this movie is to watch them only if you are older than twelve fifteen years old, otherwise it might be too difficult and heavy for a child’s psychic! And you don’t want your child to be sad and to suffer.

Nick @ 12-Jul-2014 16:28 Report a spam

Adventure is about escaping death's closure, but it's also about clinging to life's openness - letting one escapade's end evolve into something new. "Up" is a tremendously affecting story of indomitable love, infectious spirit and embraced possibilities.

Anna @ 12-Jul-2014 16:26 Report a spam

This is a gorgeous animated movie about the true love and family and what it takes to create happiness. This is the story of love, dedication, and coming through thick or thin. It is a beautiful love tale and how one loses another, his pain and grief, his ability to live ever after keeping the best recollections at heart. I hope my love story with husband would be as dedicated and as warm-hearted as shown in this beautiful animated movie. Up to the dreams and happiness….

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