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Welcome to the Jungle
Genre: Comedy
Director(s): Rob Meltzer
Release Date: 08 February 2014
Movie rating: 4.9
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What is the movie Welcome to the Jungle about?
From the beginning of the movie we get acquainted with employees of one company, who for some reason are going to the jungles. Chris is a shy dreamer; all his most crazy dreams he fulfills only in his thoughts, while in reality he allows his colleague Phil to use his work and seduce his dream girl Lisa. It seems like he is doomed to live in this sad reality, but suddenly his boss, Mr. Crawford, has a bright idea to send all his employees to a team-building seminar in the jungles. It is worth noting that the seminar will take place on an uninhabited island. That’s when a new character appears on the scene – Storm. His main responsibility is to get people prepared for such unusual setting and make them work as a team. Quite soon all of them realize that it’s not that simple to survive in the jungles and they do need to work side by side and help each other. The situation becomes even more exciting and hilarious when they find out that their pilot is dead and they are stuck on the island.
Welcome to the Jungle Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any Welcome to the Jungle HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
Welcome to the JungleWelcome to the JungleWelcome to the JungleWelcome to the JungleWelcome to the JungleWelcome to the JungleWelcome to the JungleWelcome to the JungleWelcome to the JungleWelcome to the Jungle
Ruth @ 29-Jul-2014 20:07 Report a spam

Very suddenly for me i discovered that, this movie is a interesting one, very dynamic and great, it deserves being viewed on the big screen. The expectation to see a not very good comedy were not meant to become truth, which is a very pleasant thing for me! In this movie is very well shown what things people are ready to do in order to get the things what they want, and how can the other people change - as soon as the circumstances around change. And of course same circumstances might morally kill one people, and make stronger the other ones, help them increasing their inner “i” and so on, and only you are the person who decide what to choose as a result. And it doesn’t matter whether you are in four walls of the office or in the jungle, everything depends on the ability to act. I think everything about this movie is fine, with the exception of the fact that there were too many vulgar jokes in it, that made my impression about it not a very good one. And of course as usually enjoyed watching Van Damme.

Cindy @ 29-Jul-2014 19:26 Report a spam

The only thing that i liked about this movie, was its nature! Those heaven landscapes are simply unreal in their beauty, and their views are enchanting! A designer company is sending its workers to a tropic island for the sake of creation new ideas, while being under the supervision of a very strong guy with muscle body. After arriving they will have to face their first troubles. Coffee with some weeds, after drinking which the kingdom of chaos will enter its rules, and they will start making some weird things. That was sometimes hard for me to watch it, i mean in some of its scenes. In general i can say that i neither liked this comedy, nor considered it a disgusting one! Yeah it is silly but in some moments it is funny. But to be honest, i would suggest it to anyone, as i do not want to be the reason for someone’s bad mood after watching it, as it was expected more from this movie, i know what disappointment is, and do not want to be the reason of it.

Cleo @ 29-Jul-2014 18:41 Report a spam

Hmm, i would like to be honest, that is why i am saying that watching this movie, means wasting your time in vain. Even Jean Claude Van Damme performing in it is not saving the situation, i am wondering how he could ever accept this role? I should admit that Jean Claude has shown a great physical shape, but it was obvious to me that his eyes were with makeup and his face was lifted, but nevertheless he still done pretty good. I didn’t like this movie, as it is absolutely boring. At the beginning it was interesting to me, but after watching it for fifteen, twenty minutes i realized that there will not be anything good from that, but as i didn’t had any other options to choose from i have to stay watching this pointless “masterpiece”. This comedy it the storage place for stupid jokes and senseless subject, the words of some heroes were irritating with their vulgarity. In some moments of it, i was even shocked, but nevertheless i can say that i watched it till the end.

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