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Released: 2014-08-27
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God Help the Girl
God Help the Girl
Released: 2014-07-01
What's Your Number?
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Director(s): Mark Mylod
Release Date: 30 September 2011
Movie rating: 6.1
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What is the movie What's Your Number? about?
The story focuses on a young woman, named Ally, who has many boyfriends in her past. The things didn’t work out with any of them as they turned to be losers. She has become a strong believer that she is not bale to find a good man. However, one day she accidentally runs into on of her ex-boyfriends and is astonished to learn he is a ‘Prince Charming’. This changes her vision of her former lovers and she decides to find all her exes to find out if any of them have turned for the better. When she experiences problems with locating them, she addresses her neighbor, Colin, a young man, who prefers one-night stands with women and disappears in the mornings to avoid further explanations, to help her.
What's Your Number? Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any What's Your Number? HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
What's Your Number?What's Your Number?What's Your Number?What's Your Number?What's Your Number?What's Your Number?What's Your Number?What's Your Number?What's Your Number?What's Your Number?
Alexsandra Dewald @ 04-Aug-2014 11:54 Report a spam

I was VERY surprised by this movie! I thought it was adorable, and the way Anna Faris delivers some of her lines is just hysterical! Yes, there was some crude language, and some near naked people, but it was done tastefully, in my opinion (and funny). There are alot of very endearing, and touching moments. I found this VERY enjoyable...

Helene @ 30-Jul-2014 00:27 Report a spam

When a girl (main character) realizes that her behavior was not a very good one and tells to everyone who surrounds her about the quantity of men that she ever slept with, everyone is being shocked. And her declaration, that her technique of satisfying men with the help of her mouth is perfect, though she is not that good with the method of “dry sex” using the help of the hand, that has made me even more shocked. I do not understand what kind of family she was born in, and since when it became normal leading this kind of life for a girl?! I doubt that it will ever become something usual for me! In general i can say that it is a movie about nymphomaniac girl who has no hard feelings at all, and who suddenly realizes there were too many “friends” banging her “back door”. Honestly speaking i cannot say that i am a nun, but still some moments of the movie were disgusting for me, and i felt weird while watching them.

Lea @ 29-Jul-2014 23:50 Report a spam

The movie “What’s your number” i saw at the cinema. I was amazed how many movies are filmed about sex now and various sexual partners. Soon we will have to release a movie “How many things about sex have you seen”? So if going from this subject i can make the conclusion that it is a regular subject line, and it is a right conclusion. But there are a lot of funny moments in the movie, i can definitely say it is not a boring movie. So a bit about the plot line. The main hero understands that the quantity of sexual partners in her life has exceeded the regular allowed number. That is why the hero decided that her next lover will become her husband. So that night she finished being in same bed with her ex boss, and in order not to make the number exceed she decided to look for a partner from the quantity of men she slept during her entire life. But all of her ex boyfriends seem to be assholes, so it is not working properly. And what else, becoming a nun? But in order to get to know what will happen later is watching the movie, it is a good movie, but only for one time.

Stella @ 29-Jul-2014 23:00 Report a spam

This movie has a very interesting subject line. A girl has read in a magazine that if a girl had twenty lovers during her life, than there is no way that she will ever get married. So she starts counting her ex men, and realizes that there were right twenty of them. So she is supposed to get married with one of them. So she asks her neighbor ( by the way a very sexy but not very intelligent guy) to help her out finding each of those guys. And of course as a result there is a happy end in the movie with a lot of kisses. There were a lot of negative reviews about this movie, that is why i decided to watch this movie. The main role was performed by Anna Faris, who did it very well. though i was not expecting that she will be that good. It is a light comedy that will make your mood better and will help you forget about all the troubles going on in your life. It is a funny movie, simple and with a lot of funny moments. I do not recommend it to people who do not stand vulgar jokes. I think this is a very good movie for girls in order to show them the things they should not ever do.

Steve @ 03-Jun-2014 19:07 Report a spam

This movie is very silly and cheesy… there is something puppyish likable in this comedy where the main character is desperate to snag a marriageable man. Romcoms tend notoriously to be all rom and no com, but there is some fun here and some laughs in the standalone setpieces featuring Ally's appalling exes. A nice movie rental!

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