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Wish I Was Here
Wish I Was Here
Released: 2014-07-25
Released: 2014-06-27
God Help the Girl
God Help the Girl
Released: 2014-07-01
You Are Here
Genre: Comedy
Director(s): Matthew Weiner
Release Date: 24 April 2014
Movie rating: 5.3
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What is the movie You Are Here about?
Ben has just lost his father. Actually he’s not grieving, because the two of them haven’t spoken with each other in ages. They had a fight several years ago and since then neither father nor his son tried to fix this. Ben’s father has been estranged for a lot of years, but Ben is still going to his funeral. The main character is accompanied by his childhood best friend Steve Dallas. Today Steve is a handsome TV presenter working in a weather outlook program on local TV. Ben’s father turned out to be a very eccentric old man and left a huge fortune after his death. Ben is surprised that he is in his father’s will, but can’t take his share at once – he has to struggle with his stubborn sister and with his father’s widow. The widow is worth mentioning too, seeing as it is a 25-year-old beautiful lady.
You Are Here Pics
Unfortunately, you will not find any You Are Here HD wallpapers here; these are just the screenshots of the movie. They catch some moments of the movie, so you can get a better idea about the movie before watching it. Click on the image for a larger view.
You Are HereYou Are HereYou Are HereYou Are HereYou Are HereYou Are HereYou Are HereYou Are HereYou Are HereYou Are Here
Jasmine @ 29-Jul-2014 20:06 Report a spam

I think this movie is a phenomenon movie in its genre! While watching it, you are living all the moments of it over again. One and same night in many different ways, but all of these ways are completely different. And of course this movie is very captivating, which is important for movies that made for youth. Young people do not like morality lessons, they like studying on their own mistakes. The main heroes of the movie are young people who are different, but very charming people in their kind, each of them likes doing something of their own, they have their own aims in life, but they all are gathered together for one single thing, they are gathered in order to have fun, such kind of fun that the next morning they woke up exclaiming “What’s a f**k?! I have no words to describe this movie, it is an amazing one, i loved it! I looked for something like this for a very long time, and that is why i am very happy to finally find a movie, that i can easily call my favorite one.

Gina @ 29-Jul-2014 19:25 Report a spam

Mmm, what can i say, for me the best phrase in the movie was “ friends will always help you, but only the best friends will help you hiding someone’s dead body”. Those words have reminded me a scene from the movie “Gothics”. This movie is a hilarious, bright, not ordinary, and completely unexpected with a professional twist in it. I think this movie is mostly for the young people, as it is about young people, it is very easy to watch it! I haven’t seen anything like that before in my life, though i usually watch mostly teen comedies. This movie has amazed me with its involvement, each hero has its own vision of the last night, and each of them was right in its own specific way. It was very funny watching them from the other side of the screen, and i really wanted to gather everyone around in order to tell them what has really happened. But i will not do it, as i want to keep the intrigue, i can only say that i liked it 120% sure, and hopefully you will have same reaction upon it!

Jackie @ 29-Jul-2014 17:56 Report a spam

When i started watching this movie i wasn’t expecting anything special from it, accept the typical subject of a regular comedy, and that is why i was very much surprised, when i have found instead of it a very good movie, with a twisted subject, wonderful build of the movie, and what is not less important an actually qualitative directing. The work of the actors, has also been on a very high level, i really believed them, was worried for them and with them, and was trying to find a way out from the situation that has happened, which sometimes might become a catastrophe for everyone. Also i wouldn’t like to get too deep into the subject but i would like to say that it is eventually a very effective one, i enjoyed it very much! I think this movie is really worth being watched! If i would rate it from one to ten, than i can say that it got a firm nine from me! So considering this fact i am not afraid at all to recommend it, and i am sure you’ll be thankful later.

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