10 most stylish young stars

Apart from their movies, TV shows, or whatever it is that they do in the entertainment industry, young Hollywood stars are constantly in the center of attention because of their fashion style. These girls are not only talented, but they also have unique styles that we just love. These actresses literally have their personalities on their sleeves with the clothes and accessories they wear. These are some of young Hollywood actresses that have the best fashion sense.

Zoe Kazan








As the granddaughter of famed director Elia Kazan and the daughter of successful screenwriters, a berth in the movie business was Zoe Kazan’s for the taking. The Yale grad jumped in with numerous Broadway appearances and big-screen roles. Like those movies, her fashion choices have been consistent successes, with delicate, feminine frocks in blush tones to complement her fair complexion or deep purples and blacks that strike a contrast. With such understated elegance, Kazan has earned her place on our list.

Emma Stone








While Emma Stone has made no secret of the help she’s received from her stylist Petra Flannery, candid paparazzi shots reveal a keen sense of ladylike sophistication. Hollywood’s new it-girl sure knows how to dress her part. Known to wow fans and photographers with her red carpet premiere outfits, Stone loves wearing designer dresses from Velentino, Burberry and Chloe, which she pairs with bags from Chanel and Bottega Veneta.

Zoe Kravitz








Although her famous last name provides ready-made credentials, Kravitz has become a veritable fashion star thanks to her personal style savvy. The beautiful daughter of rocker Lenny and actress Lisa Bonet has garnered attention for an eclectic look that’s equal parts bohemian hippie and downtown rocker (she’s a front-row regular at Alexander Wang).

Emma Watson








Given the stamp of cool by British tastemakers, Burberry, Emma Watson has shown great propensity for experimentation as she’s grown. From bold haircuts to patterns, her looks span romance to corporate class and though some looks might be more successful than others, what pulls it all together is her fresh face, which Lancôme has certainly taken notice of.

Kirsten Dunst








Since her days as the sexy “Crazy Beautiful” carefree actress, Kirsten Dunst never fails to dress like a million dollars without trying hard. With sharp blazers that she pairs with unique graphic or band shirts, ballet flats, and designer handbags, Dunst’s look is a certified show-stealer. For red carpet affairs, Dunst likes to keep it classy, with vintage-inspired gowns and stunning jewelry.

Blake Lively








Just like her role as a fashionable co-ed in “Gossip Girl”, Blake Lively has a classy style that’s sexy and glamorous. When seen in special appearances, Lively is a fan of nude-colored gowns with intricate jewel details and side-swept hair. Her way of “downtime dressing” is chic as well, with her loose shirts, shorts, leather hobo bags and a messy bun to complete her comfortable look. Her classic presence is something that will make her beauty timeless.

Hailee Steinfeld

hailee steinfeld







Having fronted the Miu Miu campaign in 2011, Hailee is the perfect example for growing teenagers who are not a girl, but not quite a woman. Her on-trend age-appropriate choices is reflected in closer-fitted silhouettes and layering different textures.

Anna Kendrick








She may count herself among Hollywood’s “popular kids” as a Twilight cast member, but Kendrick broke away from the pack to shine alongside older and more famous co-stars in Up in the Air. Kendrick plays up her tiny waist in form-fitting looks and experiments with every color of the rainbow. When it comes to her style and career, things for Kendrick are looking up.

Nina Dobrev








Nina Dobrev’s red carpet picks are the effervescent nature of youth exemplified – colorful statement-making outfits with a tinge of personality to it. In the case of Nina, this is a girl who has an idea about her wardrobe likes and dislikes, yet is always ready to tweak the formula for a more drop-dead effect.

Rachel Bilson








Because of her edgy-yet-chic appeal, the “One Tree Hill” star was offered to design her own line for the famous clothing brand DKNY. Bilson likes to play with dark hues and bold prints, always complementing her looks with chunky heels and vintage accessories. No matter where she goes, be it an awards night or the supermarket, Bilson has this natural charisma that makes her outfits seem appropriate and cute.


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