Aaron Eckhart: I Have a Crush on Olivia Newton-John

aaron_eckhart_617886 In a recent interview with Empire magazine Aaron Eckhart shared some interesting thoughts. The actor revealed that has had a crush on Olivia Newton-John ever since he saw her in a legendary 80s hit Grease where she played innocent Sandy who transforms by the end of the movie.

When asked about his first celebrity crush, he said: ”Olivia Newton-John. I saw Grease many times. In fact, I still have a crush on her. I fell in love with the angel in the first half of the movie and then, ‘There’s nothing better than a girl in leather’. I’ve never met her, but I’ve often tried to meet her doppelgangers.”

Aaron EckhartThe 45-year-old star also talked about tattoos and revealed that, unlike most of his colleagues, he doesn’t have a single one on his body. ”I had my dog’s name, Dirty, (temporarily) tattooed on my chest in Erin Brockovich, but I must be the only guy in Hollywood with no tattoos. I look at people with tats and think, ‘What is your relationship with Chinese letters? And what the f**k do you know about dragons?’ It’s usually about people who want to kick other people’s asses,” Aaron said.

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