Aaron Paul likes ‘darker’ roles

Aaron+Paul Being a ”happy and content” person in real life, Aaron Paul is drawn to darker roles because they challenge him to play the characters that are completely different to his personality.

”I’m drawn to these roles because they make me feel emotions I’m not used to feeling,” he says. ”In everyday life, I’m very happy and content. That’s why I gravitate to the dark side, for me, it’s more exciting. It makes me feel like I’m doing something and not just walking through the role.”

The actor, who is best known for playing Jesse in Breaking Bad, is worried that he has reached the peak in his career because he believes he will probably never get a role as good as this one.

”It feels like I’ve peaked sometimes. Hopefully, I’ll continue to work. All I know is Jesse Pinkman is the role of a lifetime, it’ll never come bryan-cranston-aaron-paulacross my path again. Breaking Bad changed my life,” he explained.

The TV show not only influenced Aaron’s career, but his personal life too, as he and Bryan Cranston became friends for life. ”I love that man. He is a dear friend and the biggest mentor. He’s the most focused professional guy, but unbelievably immature in the best possible way. I miss laughing with him. But we’ll be friends until the end of time, for sure.”

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One response to “Aaron Paul likes ‘darker’ roles”

  1. Trevor says:

    In our life we all want to relieve new emotions and feelings. Being ‘dark’ in real life has the aside effect such as penalties jail and definitely a negative attitude to life. It is better to be happy and positive, but when you play a role you can be the real evil man without being punished. It is a real game and Aaron Paul enjoys it, so why not? It is cool to be an adult and play the role. This is fun and you are paid for this. Heheheh, very nice!