Aaron Paul never fights with wife

BAFTA 2014 Awards Season Tea Party

Speaking to Elle magazine, Aaron Paul said he and his wife Lauren Parsekian never fight.

The couple met in 2011 and got married last May and the actor claims that thanks to their excellent communication they can easily deal with any problem.

“People get in fights because they don’t communicate, because you don’t want to hurt the other person,” Aaron says. “If you do want to hurt the other person, then shame on you – you’re an as***le. My wife and I do not argue. We communicate. We talk. But we’ve never fought in our entire relationship.”

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2 responses to “Aaron Paul never fights with wife”

  1. Travis says:

    Aaron Paul has all my respect in my eyes. They have found the right way of communication in a marriage. I agree with him completely, when you love a person then the last thing you want is hurting your beloved’s feelings. I dream of the same relationship in my intending marriage.

  2. Nataliya says:

    Aaron Paul is a very wise man: a happy wife = happy life! There is no respect and love to a person if you are trying to hurt him or her. This is true and I agree to that. Why would you want to feel your dearest person bad? This is the last thing you want to do, even when your feelings are hurt. Arguing and fighting have never led to anything good and positive, but more argues and marriage breaks. Consequently, I think that the right communication is the key for a successful, harmonious and lasting marriage that Aaron Paul can boast with. Love without respect does not count much.