Actors who don’t like watching their own movies

Believe it or not, there are actors who are incredibly shy and insecure off-screen. Some of them can’t even watch their own movies due to feeling of insecurity. Others are way too critical of their performances and there are those who simply don’t like watching movies. Whatever the reason, here are some actors who refuse to see their own films.

Megan Fox








Megan Fox hates to watch herself act. She admitted as much when she claimed that in order to sit through Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, she needed some champagne. She said: “I usually don’t watch myself. I don’t watch playback. I don’t look at still photos. I have a phobia of it. But, I forced myself to sit down for Transformers 2. I shot an entire glass of champagne, so that I could get through it.”

Johnny Depp

No sales to anywhere in Asia.







Johnny Depp may be one of the biggest movie stars in the world but he has shockingly revealed that he can’t bare to watch himself on the big screen as believes seeing the result would “harm” him and he’s happy to remain “ignorant.” “I made a choice a long time ago, that I was better off not watching my films, which is a drag because you miss out on a lot of your friends’ incredible work,” Johnny said. “But I feel like it would just harm me. I would rather stay as ignorant as possible about the result of anything because once you’re done playing that character, it’s really not your business anymore.”

Angelina Jolie








If you want to know if an Angelina Jolie movie is good or bad, you won’t find out from her. The Oscar winner once told MTV: “I never like to watch myself ever. I like the process of doing movies more than watching them. I still haven’t seen Wanted. I heard it was fun. I feel like I did something right if I can watch something and feel removed enough. I can watch this movie. I’m proud of this. I think it’s a really beautiful film. You’d have to ask Brad, but I think he likes this one.”

Robert Pattinson








Twilight star Robert Pattinson  told a British publication that watching himself on-screen is painful, especially when it comes to art house film Little Ashes in which he played Salvador Dali. “It’s like self-flagellation, so why would I bother,” Pattinson said in the piece. “… It was hard to watch my first scene in which I turn up in this funny little hat.” In a GQ article from 2009, Pattinson revealed that 10 minutes into the premiere screening of Twilight, he had to leave his mother and exit the cinema so he could go have a panic attack in the car.

Nicole Kidman








Nicole is way too harsh a critic. After viewing Australia, a film for which she earned glowing reviews, Kidman told Us Weekly, “I squirmed in my seat. … I can’t look at this movie and be proud of what I’ve done.”

Joaquin Phoenix

"Her" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals







For Joaquin Phoenix, his refusal to view his own work is all a way to keep from reaching a crippling level of self awareness: “I just think there’s a number of dangers in watching yourself … I don’t ever really want to see myself as the camera sees me … I don’t want to watch myself. Of course, there’s a part of you that’s curious for a second, and I constantly have to tell myself, ‘No,’ because it stands a greater chance of having a negative effect on future work,” Phoenix said.

Reese Witherspoon








During a stop at Chelsea Lately, Reese Witherspoon revealed she finds it painful to watch her movies: “I can’t watch myself. I don’t know who feels good looking at themselves? Nobody, right? It’s torture. Why would you want to watch yourself being stupid and pretending to be somebody else?”

Javier Bardem








As unbelievable as it may sound, even Javier Bardem has body image issues. In fact, Bardem’s so insecure about his nose and voice, it keeps him from watching himself in movies. “The fact that I like to make characters doesn’t mean that I like to watch my characters being made, my performance. I can’t even watch that f**king nose, that f**king voice, those ridiculous eyes. I can’t handle that,” Bardem told GQ.

Zac Efron








Zac won’t watch until he’s had some time to distance himself from the project. “As far as watching myself on screen, I tend to, especially the first time around, pick out every single flaw, or things I could have and should have done better,” he told Collider. “I’m more of a cringer, at first. And then, when it’s years down the road and it’s out of the way, I can look back and appreciate it somehow.”





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2 responses to “Actors who don’t like watching their own movies”

  1. Liz says:

    Well, I even didn’t suspect that such beautiful actors and actresses couldn’t bear watching themselves on the screen. Well, I can understand why watching your movie scan be bad as we are critical tour selves, our looks, our actions and definitely the work done as an actor I suppose. So, yes it is better not to watch them as when the next time the actors would appear on screen they wouldn’t be free to act, but think of how they look on screen and this won’t be looking as natural play – the fact for which we really love them.

  2. Nona says:

    I am wondering why do all of those stars do not like watching the movies where they performed, is it because they didn’t like the scenario, or because they thought that their performing was crap? Lol, I am just kidding, if being on a more serious note I would like to say, that all of them a doing a great job in their movies, and probably those movies are like their own children, they are worried for them going to the society, whether this society will welcome them, or judge in a bad way. It is funny that Robert Pattinson almost had a heart attack at the “Twilight” premiere, the entire world loves the saga, and it is funny that he didn’t understood this movie is going to be a total wow right in the beginning of filming it.