Actors who played younger characters

Sissy Spacek was 27 years old when she troubled teen Carrie White in the 1976 thriller, Carrie. And she is definitely not the only star who managed to pull off character much younger than she actually was. Check out some other actors who did the same.

Rachel McAdams








Rachel got her start on an MTV pilot in 2001, but it was her portrayal as one of the devious and conniving high school teenage girls in the 2005 movie Mean Girls that was her breakout role. McAdams was 26 years old when she played Regina George and said she referred to Alec Baldwin’s performance in Glenngarry Glen Ross for inspiration. Co-star Lindsay Lohan originally tried out for the role that eventually went to McAdams, but decided playing a mean girl would harm her reputation.

David Boreanaz








David Boreanaz was 35 when he was cast as Angel, a man in his 20s in the cult TV hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As the plot developed, it was revealed that Angel was a vampire who was more than 200 years old. Boreanaz went on to star in the spin-off series, Angel, and currently stars in Bones.

Selma Blair








Selma Blair started out in the movie business by starring in numerous independent and “B” movies. She grabbed Hollywood’s attention with the 1999 movie Cruel Intentions. Blair was 27 years old when she was cast as a teenage girl Cecile Caldwell.

Michael J. Fox

michael-j copy







Then 24-year-old Michael J. Fox played 17-year-old Scott Howard in Teen Wolf and Marty McFly Back to the Future, both in 1985. He’s well-known for playing Alex P. Keaton in the ’80s hit sitcom Family Ties. Fox was starring in the sitcom Spin City when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He is now an activist for research into the disease.

Stacey Dash








Stacey had no problem playing the narcissistic fashionista Dionne Davenport in Clueless — even though she was playing a character that was really 11 years her junior. Dash was 28 years old when she starred opposite Alicia Silverstone in the 1995 film.

Dustin Hoffman








In The Graduate Dustin Hoffman plays a man 9 years younger than he really was at the time. He was 30 when he seduced Mrs. Robinson — played by Anne Bancroft who was only 36 at the time. He was supposed to be 21.

Cory Monteith








Monteith started his career in his home country of Canada before starring in a few minor roles on film and television. It was his role as high school student Finn Hudson on the hit show Glee that made him a star. Cory landed the part when he was 27. Sadly, Monteith died from an overdose of alcohol and heroin last year.

Minka Kelly








Minka Kelly became a household name thanks to NBC’s drama Friday Night Lights. The California native was well into her 20’s playing high school student and cheerleader Lyla Garrity for three seasons on the hit show set in a small town obsessed with high school football before leaving the show. She was 26 when the show began, making her 11 years older than her on-screen counterpart.


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2 responses to “Actors who played younger characters”

  1. Mica says:

    When people look good and younger, why cannot they play much younger characters. It is about the way you will play too as there are many people, who look older their age, so everything is relative this is were the real talent and great acting skills are necessary, if the actor plays well, then you get the sense of the real character’s age rather than that of the actor. I do not think this is quite of a problem of the professional actors and when the age difference is not drastic and evident.

  2. Tomily says:

    When the actors look younger their age and can play the characters that are younger, feeling the real personality of the person portraying so why not playing a character, who is younger your age? Today with the present technologies and make up looking younger is not a problem, the main idea if you would be able to act being younger and this requires being a kid at heart and a great acting professionalism.