Alicia Silverstone launches new pregnancy book

Alicia Silverstone Signs Copies Of Her Book "The Kind Mamma"

Promoting her new book, The Kind Mama, Alicia Silverstone appeared on Live! With Kelly & Michael and shared some personal details she talks about in the book.

Speaking about giving birth to her son, Bear Blu, the actress has revealed she really enjoyed the first part of the process.

She said: ”The first 14 hours was almost sexy. The hormone oxytocin was doing all this magic and it felt amazing. And then it got less than amazing. It got really intense as labor is. And, yeah, it didn’t end up as I planned but the whole juicy story is in the book.”

After 27 hours of labor, she finally had to undergo an emergency C-section.


Alicia has come under fire for her parenting skills, such as chewing her son’s food before giving it to him, but she doesn’t seem to care much.

”As far as critics, I’m very secure in the choices I make because I’m really informed and I trust my instincts and when I need help, I go to the people I see parent or birth or be pregnant in a way that was really inspiring me. And the rest is just noise,” she explained.

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2 responses to “Alicia Silverstone launches new pregnancy book”

  1. Tina says:

    I’m sorry, but anyone who names their child “Bear Blu” and promises a sweet birth should not be taken seriously. It’s almost as bad as taking medical advice from a former porn star, not inoculating your child and wondering why he/she died from a Victorian era disease.

  2. Sheylin says:

    This is the same woman who two years ago was pre-chewing her baby’s food. Yes chewing food and then transferring that food to her baby’s mouth. This is only the beginning of how undiagnosed this D-list celebrity actually is. I wish Canterbury Ales was still open so I could sit in the window with a frosty and howl at the losers lined up outside for her autograph.