Alyssa Milano finds motherhood exhausting

Alyssa Working and raising a child is tiring for Alyssa Milano. The actress is hosting ‘Project Runway All Stars’ currently and her 22-month-old son Milo is with her in New York.

Alyssa told People: ”He’s been here in New York with me for the last seven weeks since I’m hosting Project Runway All Stars and the difference is amazing. I brought a baby and I’m going home with a little boy. It’s so crazy! He’s gotten so big. I take it day by day and enjoy all of my time with him. I’m blessed to have the kind of job that he can be with me every day. But it’s still freaking exhausting!”

The 40-year-old actress says that her son has shown interest in sports. ”He seems to be gravitating the most towards basketball. He’s really good. He gets it in the basket and everything! Whatever he decides to do, I’m totally all for it,” Alyssa said.

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